Do you ever get anxious during sex? How does it affect you? (Part 1)

Yes I worry I won’t get an erection after I randomly didn’t one time. Now i always get in my head

I usually take a pill if I know it’s gonna go down, sometimes that doesn’t even do the trick….


Yes … worry that partner is not enjoying it and kinda just fall apart

No not really

Yes solely because of a situation I had last summer. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was in bed with a different girl a couple of weeks after and I couldn’t get it up. I think it was because it was just too soon after the breakup or I really just wasn’t attracted to her but it was traumatizing cause I was so embarrassed. Ever since then I’ve been able to get hard but when I take my pants off it just goes away because I just think about that one time I couldn’t get it up and it takes my mind to an anxious place.

I get very anxious before sex and actually avoid getting into the situation where I’m in bed with someone in case I cannot perform. Which is most of the time. I am 51 and this has gone on since I was 18. Prior to thay, I didn’t gave problems getting erections on my own.

I can get them, but only when certain conditions are met, these being masochistic in nature.

I just feel stuck in my head sometimes and it shows.

Sometimes I feel like I convince myself I’m not going to get an erection before we’re even close to that point. And then, not surprisingly, when it is that time, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

yeah, since my last ex 4 years ago… I’ve been anxious in most sexual situation. for me when I was with them, they just expected me to go and stick it in, which added the anxiety behind performing. so since then its not really left. hook ups dont really allow me a chance to have any foreplay or intimacy to kinda get into it so the anxiety stays.

Yes, I do get anxious about how I’ll perform. I admit I’m a try hard, so no surprise I guess.

I worry about getting hard the first time, and second time, then I settle down and am a good lover in intercourse. I can always satisfy them with oral sex, always have. It’s a upsetting mindset I cannot seem to shake

yes I typically get it up but once it comes time to put it in… game over. I panic and it goes down real quick

Mine has become so bad I know long get up unless I wank it and still it doesn’t get rock hard

Its really about being over critical of myself and the situation: am I going to make her feel good… will it be good sex etc. Then these thoughts take me away from the moment and I become less ‘present’ and less aroused.

Yes, the fear is I cant get it up and stsy hard.

I usually get anxious about getting hard or staying hard when having sex. If I take Viagra I’m usually fine…knowing my penis will get harder and I relax more because of this supposition…even in the morning after I take Viagra even though I know it shouldn’t work by then.

As soon as my thinking brain kicks in during foreplay, my erection goes, I get clammy, my breathing changes. Game over.

I get worried that I can’t get an erection and then sustain one

It feels like an immovable thought or feeling that’s planted in your brain, the second you give it your attention, things go wrong.