Did anyone overcome long term ED

I have been suffuring from ED my Hole life I never ad a complete sexual intercourse and orgasm at the END. Did anyone is in the same kind of situation has me and actually succeed ?

I have been struggling for about seven years. It happened suddenly, one day after a difficult time in life. And never came back. Literally couldn’t get anything so turned to ED pills because I was dating. I realised that this actually makes the hope of non-reliant sex almost impossible.

Got into a relationship three years ago and very recently decided to be open and honest about it. She took it so well, and I was very careful to explain that pills don’t give you anything false, bigger, more than anything you are. That attraction was till required and that they [pills] only reinforce against panic and psychological set-backs though not always.

We have recently decided to take one night every week with nothing. Massage, quality time with zero shame, and no expectations. That was the first time so far, and I expected to have zero results. I actually got an erection for a short while a couple of times. Instead of seeing this as a negative, I was able to take it as an unexpected positive.

The point being, remove ALL pressure. I’m a long way from being able to believe like men need to, that it will just happen. But this openness has been a huge shift. And also made us shift our focus to other areas of ‘sex’. With surprising results :]

You may or may not be in a relationship, you may have had medical checks etc., I don’t know, but I think this applies anyway - that openness has to be true for you as much as anybody else.

There is a massive amount of pressure on guys to perform physically, but sex isn’t just about an erection. Explore other sides if you can, you may be surprised what happens. But never feel shame - easy to say, I know, but it’s so important.

Go back to the beginning, and start again. If you even have a tiny amount of success, see it as exactly that, success.

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So many fundamental truths here that will help most guys struggling with irregular erections:

  1. Open up to your partner. Erection difficulties can be a couple’s problem and an informed and supportive partner can greatly reduce the weight on your shoulders.

  2. Engage in no-pressure, sensual interaction that doesn’t require (or expect) an erection (Sensate Focus). Love that you’re doing that once a week!

  3. Remove all pressure to “perform.” There are so many ways to enjoy each other’s bodies and once “getting it up” and “getting off” aren’t the focus of your sessions, you may be more likely to get hard, actually.

  4. Count pleasure as a success and anything specific (like getting an erection) as a bonus.

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