Date in 2 days. How do I prepare?

Long story short, I’ve been working through MOJO but haven’t had much opportunity to put it to the test. The last opportunity I did have a few months back, didn’t go as desired.

This Friday, based on the conversation leading up to it with a new partner, that will change. So I want to know what practices people take in the days leading up to sex?

My struggle is getting hard. Once I’m there I’m generally fine. But I never know what to do in the days leading up to it.

I totally know the feeling. Whenever I don’t have sex for a while I get all in my head and start worrying whether I’ll be able to get hard. Whenever that happens I try to lower my expectations. It may not work and that’s fine. That’s not a reason for me to beat myslef up about it.

I also mentally prepare for how I could explain it to the person I’m with. Like “hey, I can get anxious about sex sometimes so it may not happen”. Funnily enough, more times than not, it then works fine.

The meditation also helps.