Condomophobia - anyone else?

Does anyone else here have basically a fear of condoms after several failures?
The last few times, foreplay has been wonderful then as soon as the “moment of truth” comes I either panic go soft as soon as I grab a condom or panic and go soft right before entering, even with condom on.

Has anyone had the same and managed to get over it?


Right… wtf, same
I don’t get it
I can usually do it without a condom but the condom is what started this whole mess years ago and now I just get nervous as soon as I start thinking about it and how I’m going to like sneakily grab it during foreplay lol like what’s the big secret? She already knows we’re going to have sex. Why am I literally freaking out about her noticing me going for the condom that’s already right there out in the open?? Dude I am bewildered by it. But yeah, I feel you

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