Can stay hard now, but don't cum

First time posting a question. My wife and I had been through a tough patch and for a while we’d stopped having sex. We’re through that now, but then I found I was getting soft, which is how I found mojo. I’m at phase 5 and it’s really helped. I no longer worry about getting / staying hard which is brilliant. The exercises have really helped, and my wife knows about mojo and is really supportive and we’re able to talk about what’s happening (or not) So kudos to mojo for that.

So here’s my question. I get REALLY close when I’m inside her, but most times I don’t seem to be able to cum. Before I would go soft, but mojo helped me get past that. But now I stay hard and it’s like “two more strokes and I’ll be there”, but it never actually happens. The feeling of being about to cum comes and goes.

Did anyone else experience this? I’m pretty sure it’s in my head somewhere. If I masturbate (alone, or with my wife there) then everything is fine and I’ll cum without any trouble.

My wife tells me, and I believe her, that what she likes is the intimacy and feeling of me in her. She doesn’t link her satisfaction to whether I cum or not.

I’m more puzzled / curious than anything. I’m going to complete the mojo program, but wonder if there are any particular exercises or things that might help. And did anyone else experience this.

Explore ‘mindful masturbation’, my friend. Just yourself, your hands, some lube, and plenty of time. Do so without focussing on orgasm - “wax and wane”, maybe 3x - without cumming (cumming next day is ‘allowed’). You’ll open up a whole new dimension, firstly with yourself, and when you’re ready, with her too.