Anyone with ADHD and have trouble getting an erection?

I’ll try and keep this brief. I’m 30, gay asian male, quite submissive and usually receive. I got on Mojo because I realised (and I don’t even know how long for now… sighs) I actually have trouble getting a solid erection. I wished I realised or understood sooner what it is like to have a “proper” erection but when I masturbate it doesn’t stay 100% hard most of the time only a few times but as a young guy I didn’t know what was normal or not.
Anyway fast forward to adulthood. I can get hard erection but not often. LATELY, when I masturbate solo my erections are staying semi and only when I’m about to climax does it go 100% hard.
The more troubling thing is recently when I meet guys for casual sex I get semi when I kiss or have foreplay but when it’s time to get naked I don’t get hard. It’s really worrying me because it has been the fifth time… luckily I’ve had patient casual partners but I don’t feel really good. I also worry why I don’t get an erection when I see a naked guy infront of me… i’m really scared. Because I’m aroused and it’s exciting but my body doesn’t seem to react? I’ll fantasise about me and get erect when I’m alone or watching porn… I’m unsure if it’s my ADHD, the medication I take or my eating or stress. hopefully this app helps.


Hey I also have ADHD and I’m also gay, I usually give but l’ve had times where I can’t get it up too, I got into this app for that reason and I’ve had sex 2 times after trying this out and even tho I didn’t last long I actually got hard by remembering some of the lessons, it actually helps so don’t give up hope I also think this whole issue might also be related to the lack of focus


The breathing is very important it made me feel less nervous, and using my 5 senses in focusing on what I like with my partner also helped me and overall just listen to your inner critic but don’t follow to what it says


I take Vyvanse for my ADHD and it affects my dick a lot and makes it super small. But it’s only during the day, once it wares off it goes back to normal. Does kinda have a psychological impact I think bc definitely don’t love seeing my dick look tiny lol.

Hello, Thank you for replying and sharing :slight_smile: I just finished my lesson in turning up the volume in my head and understanding my negative thoughts. It’s given me a bit of a hope boost. hahaha

The five senses was an eye opener. I think I really need to be more embodied. and Also I need to incorporate those pelvic floor exercises into my gym routines.

Hello thanks for replying and sharing. I’ve just finished that lesson and managing these next lessons into habit feel tough but I’m gonna be disciplined. I really want to get better in practising the 5 senses technique

Hello thanks for replying and sharing! I take dexamphetamines cause i need to focus and calm during work hours.
They usually wear off by night. I’m unsure if it affects my erection but since it wears off by night when I meet someone for casual sex at night my mind tends to lose focus and it’s hard for me to bring my attention back. In saying that, i worry or panic if my inattention causes me to lose my attraction towards the person i’m with because im not present or i’m actually not attracted? so Im hoping by practising the 5 senses and breathing techniques it can help calm my mind and bring me back to my body ha but my adhd is pretty tiring to manage already…