Anyone else with OCD also dealing with these issues?

Seems to be even trickier since my OCD makes me obsessed with these issues


I feel you mate, I have OCD symptoms and they have a way of latching onto sex and erection issues can make it 1000 times worse (& are probably partly caused by obsessing).

It’s so hard cause (supposedly) sex is all about letting go and OCD wants you to do the exact opposite.

Safety behaviours like checking your erection or arousal levels are also super hard to get rid of.

Haven’t commented on any posts here but when I saw OCD I just had too…
I suffer from OCD and Performance Anxiety and I can tell you they are the worst combination. OCD is categorised by insistent doubt and hyper - awareness. The hyperawareness of arousal and erection quality is a bit of a mood killer for me but it’s almost so automatic I don’t know how to stop it. It’s like I start becoming aware of getting turned on and as soon as I’m aware and over focusing on it I start to lose it :melting_face: I wasn’t always like this and i miss the old days when sex was fun and effortless! I’m so afraid of losing the current girl I’m seeing and she’s so understanding and kind about it but I’m just so frightened of the day when it eventually gets too much for her…we are sexually active in other ways which I suppose helps lessen the blow of when I can’t maintain an erection. I’d honestly take ANY other issue or problem in life over this…probably very privileged when here what’s going on around the world at the moment but still…so shit to have such a basic human function not functioning!