Anxiety Disorders and ED

So I’ve been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder recently and I’ve come to believe that this is a primary factor regarding my ED. I was wondering if there was anyone else who might be going through something similar.


Hello thoughtful-lavender-pigeon,

I can relate to this. I was diagnosed with GAD about 5 years ago and it settled down after a few months (I believe it was situational due to me being made redudant at work but I still met the criteria for it).

For a long time it disappeared until the back end of last year when one moment I was sprung with my partner lying on the bed in lingerie and I couldn’t get it up because I felt the pressure.

This has snowballed til now and brought back my GAD in the process. Good news is that I know my symptoms and can feel when I’m worrying, can feel the fear, and the derealisation. This generally leads to fear of sex, low sex drive and low arousal for a few days for me. I find the mojo mediations are helpful in bringing me back to reality, as well as exercise. I’ve noticed when I’m in a particularly playful mood or when I’ve talked to my partner I feel a lot better and my arousal will come back and sex happens.

Overall I think for me it’s about recognising your anxiety, acknowledging it and looking for ways to break the pattern.

Hope this helps!


I’ve been wondering about my ADHD and how that connects to this. I feel like it all becomes a compounded mess.

I was diagnosed with GAD in my early thirties and it tracks. There was a snowball effect as I got older. I didn’t have this (or any) resources back then to keep it from getting worse. So there’s hope.

I believe the same with me. General Anxiety Disorder more than likely plays a role. First I went to the doctor for ED… then was diagnosed with ADHD… next GAD. However, I’m starting realize the common denominator is psychological. I’m pretty confident that following the Mojo exercises will help. We got this.

Yes. I have generalized anxiety as well. I find that I really worry about judgment so much that impacts my sex with partners. I’m perfectly fine on my own, but struggle in the moment. Working on staying present and not hyper focus long on my erection or ejaculating has helped me enjoy the moment and let go of fears.

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Any suggestions for someone who is shy to the initiating side of sex. Once the sec starts but it’s great but it’s the started part that stumps me… almost being more primal nature.

I haven’t been officially diagnosed but anxiety around erections is my main issue. Everything’s good until the moment right before, but then if that one thought gets in my head, it spirals, the internal voices start up, and I can’t. Horrible experience.

I’ve got GAD. Don’t be afraid to look into mental health medication with your doctor, I’ve started recently and have had a great experience.

I exactly do not know what my problem is, I have joined MOJO yesterday to find a solution to my problem. I can easily get an erection when I am alone, watching any sensous stuffs or porn etc. Its actually up in a flash. But sex with my partner is a problem since I struggle with keeping an erection or at times even getting a proper erection. I am a straight guy so no complex issues around my sexuality at all, I find women attractive. A bit of a background, I am Indian and had an arranged marriage and was a virgin until my marriage. But before marriage I used to watch porn or do erotica chats etc with women and never had a problem with erections. Can anyone relate?

I’m pretty much aware I have anxiety problems, I tend to overthink absolutely everything and I’m almost sure my ED problems are directly linked with it, before I start using pills there were times when sex was great but suddenly if one day my penis didn’t get up I will feel extremely embarrassed and I will drag on those thoughts for weeks so the next time sex happened all I could think of was the last time I failed so it automatically ruined for me, it started happening more and more often to the point I started avoiding sex because I didn’t want to feel like a failure in front of my partner.

For those that a struggling with PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction). Did you find Mojo to be helpful?

Should I wait first before starting? Maybe get a 30-60 streak of no PMO first?

Yes. I think I have anxiety. It’s due to separation from a narcissist last year. It just stops me being in the moment I think it’s getting better but comes n goes

I have been officially diagnosed and struggled since I began with major depression disorder, and a year later major anxiety disorder after a break up, losing kids etc. The erections only came on occasion. Morning erections included however I wake up in the state of an anxiety attack nearly daily. The times I don’t, morning wood is there. New partners made it worse. I have a very understanding partner now and still can’t get out of my head and over insecurities. Have done therapy but only a few sessions were directed at this and they did help a bit. Can’t afford anymore of them. Hoping this helps!

Anyone have a wife that doesn’t enjoy foreplay? How do you handle that? She expects me to get myself hard then come to bed. Curious if anyone else has the same situation, it’s not the worst set up but when I do join her in bed and I try a few things she says “no” to everything I try this tells me she’s not turned on and it turns me off. Thoughts on this, I’m open to any guidance/advice.

I have always been an anxious person. It seems like my anxiety has gotten worse over the years, especially around work and getting fired. 5 or 6 years ago my more ex-wife wanted to try swinging. I was never very sexual and before long I started having issues. Such an emphasis on penis and I started taking drugs for every possible sexual interaction. Fast forward to last year, my ex and I stopped having sex. I would service her and I would have to go to other room to help myself. I didn’t like myself or my penis. I met a girl and even on viagra I couldn’t perform. Then I found MOJO. I hope for the best.

I can relate, probably the last week I’ve had my worst experience and encounter with anxiety. Normally my sexy life is amazing with my girlfriend. But I found myself barely able to stay hard and it not only effected me but also her. Which then got me deeper into my thoughts and created more anxiety.