Always worried about my penis size

I struggle a lot with embracing my penis size. I’m above average, but whenever I get in the act of sex with someone, so many negative thoughts drown me and make me feel as though I won’t be enough to please her. I know that penetrative sex isn’t all there is to sex, but unfortunately it takes so much space in my mind. Any advice in overcoming this?


Hey bro, I think a big thing to note is you note it’s above average, and that’s awesome! It’s all about not being to hard on yourself, not everyone has a giant size down there and that’s completely fine. Just focus on the moment with your partner, what does she like and how she can make you feel confident in yourself and that will bring the best out of both of you. Hope that helps!


Hey, I’d say I have a small cock but (before I got ED) my girlfriends in the past always came during sex. I’m not bragging, far from it, but confidence and technique counts for a lot. Good luck with everything and believe in yourself. Confidence turns a girl on (I just need to get mine back!!)

You can make a woman cum several ways. Clitoral is probably the easiest. Stimulating the clitorus while inside her. The G-spot is also just 2/3rds of most index fingers towards the front wall. Try priming her and getting her all worked up. Warning this can take a while so take your time with her and don’t rush. You can and will rock her world.