After weeks of progress it stopped, advice?

So i have question.

After weeks of a lot of progress, it feels like i’m being back to square one with not really even a reason. My sex drive recovered, my morning erections came back and i was really starting to feel the benefits! But now all of sudden it feels gone, empty, I have experienced this before and it always gets better within a few days but still, these times i really start spectatering again and the inner critic sometimes takes over.

So is there anyone elso who might experience the same things? How do you deal with it? And does anyone maybe now why this happens?

Am looking forward to hearing from you guys!

I’ve gotten alot of inspiration from this video (which is about tennis so completely left-field):

“If you lose your focus and you’re not present, and things start to go the wrong way for you. It’s fine. Accept it and come back… the recovery is more important than working hard to stay in the present”.

Yep! This happens! Just forget it! And move on! Put it behind you- and don’t give it another thought! Cos it’s these thoughts that stay in your head! I get it now and again- just don’t overthink it- try again👍