Why do you want to be more mindful during sex?

I want to be more mindful during sex, for both me and my wife. I often get so tied up in my own thoughts that I am not present and in the moment which ultimately leads to failure. I want to enjoy sex with my wife and not fear it due to my own overthinking.

I want to be mindful to the experience, not rushing things when I am hard. And being mindful of the sensations and experiences before during and after

I’ll be more mindful to have sex with my feelings and not my thoughts.

I want to be in the moment and stop spectatoring!

I want to be more mindful during sex so that I can enjoy the pleasure of sexual contact, I want my pleasure to be present throughout the experience, and not just when it is “my turn”

I’d like to be able to enjoy what’s actually going on rather than being stuck in my head wondering if I’m doing things right or not. I feel like sometimes I don’t know how to get out of my head and feel my body instead of reacting cognitively to what’s going on. I analyze everything and it gets difficult to stop entertaining the overthinking once it starts.

To enjoy the moment

I want to be more mindful during sex because I believe that it will help me enjoy sex a lot more and to control my thoughts in a better way and turn down negative ones and strenghten good ones!

Sex is supposed to be a fun, pleasurable, loving experience between my partner and me, not an anxiety-inducing “chore.” I want to be present in the moment and feel all the good feelings that come with sex and with connecting with my partner

To enhance the experience

Stay in my body, enjoy the sensation, be present rather than using fantasy

I want to fully embrace the feeling of being connected to someone else both emotionally and physically, I have the emotional side down, but the physical sometimes lets me down

I want to be more mindful so that it becomes a less stressful experience and i can unlearn these twisted feelings of anxiety and worry that i get from sex and i can fully enjoy it

I want to actually enjoy sex and find it pleasurable. Sometimes especially when the anxiety kicks I just want it to be over

My partner’s body and my own body sensations.

I would like to just let myself go and feel the desire the pleasure…I’m always too focused on the erection part.

To feel the feelings To have the most pleasurable experience

To experience self enjoyment, but also connectedness with my partner - rather than being in my head and planning / predicting / analysing, I want to experience a natural flow of enjoyment

I want to be more mindful during sex so that I can enjoy the sexual experience instead of having a stressful experience.

I can’t get it up if I’m too busy thinking. It distracts me from just enjoying the moment and makes me feel unsexy