Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?


I have had this conversation in the past and it really helped, but I don’t feel comfortable talking about this at first with new partners

Surprisingly difficult. I communicate openly and consistently about everything else with my partner and we’ve had lots of discussions about our sex life, but it’s still a challenge to do so.


I’m single and dating. With partners that I am comfortable and have a had multiple dates with I feel fine. It gives me a some anxiety thinking about having the conversation for a one night stand and I also see the value and freedom it will offer in the long run.

My problem is that I’ve had problems for years and years maintaining an erection. The way we ended up dealing with it was too focused on getting me aroused and it meant she felt her sexual needs were neglected, but I didn’t realise this for a long time and just thought she had a low sex drive. More recently we’ve tried to improve our sex life with viagra and a vibrator and both times it’s been a disaster. I really don’t want to separate but our marriage feels like it’s on very precarious ground. I’d love to get back into being sexually intimate but right now she doesn’t want that. Maybe some day she will but even talking about it seems risky.

Better with long term rather than short term

Good idea but tricky

I’ve always found it to beneficial to share my issues with my whoever my partner is at the time, and usually they’re actually okay with it and helpful, which puts me at ease somewhat

There’s always that background worry about putting someone off, but I think that’s a manifestation of negative self talk [callback!] rather than a legitimate concern

I will deffinately try this next time I am dating. It would take so much pressure off.


I feel comfortable talking about it but it’s not well received all the same. Maybe it’s my delivery. Thankfully my current girlfriend is very understanding about it and is willing to engage in conversation.

My partner is very understanding when I talk about these things and thinks it’s hot that I’m taking steps to overcome it by using Mojo.

I’m way more comfortable with it know that I’m very been using Mojo. Sex was always a taboo subject in my family. We were made to feel dirty and ashamed if we spoke about it.

I’ve been with my husband 36 years and he was well aware that I was having issues that started around 15 years ago because we tried to combat it with viagra and Cialis. That being said, we never really talked about it. When I started using mojo a few months ago he saw it on the credit card statement and was like “what is mojo?” He knows I’m into yoga and self-care type stuff so I just told him it was a self-care app lol. I wasn’t ready to tell him that the pills weren’t working as well as they used to and I needed more help. Then I finally worked up to the sensate part of the app and started the conversation with him because I wanted him to participate in it and that’s where we are right now. It relieved so much stress by just letting him know that I was working on this and him telling me that he was understanding and willing to work with it along with me. This process alone gave me a sense of further accomplishment and it shows in the bedroom. I highly recommend sharing with a partner you trust. I feel extremely grateful to have such an understand partner at this point in my journey.

I have no trouble discussing it with my partner and I get lots of support from them. This and Mojo has been a tremendous help in overcoming my problems

I’ve kinda mentioned it to the girl I’m dating. I can be hard for a good amount of time but then don’t cum. Then can go soft. It’s odd. But then when I’m in the zone and hard will cum. But in the early stages I said that having this type of sex has been different for me. I’m used to one night stands and never had a relationship. Despite being 31. There seems to be this issue with women I care about. So yeah I guess I’ve told her where my head is at. And she’s understanding. Though perhaps I need to double down and overtly say what the issue is that I’m working on.

Fine, it’s important to do in my opinion

She’s been pretty supportive all things considered.