Whatever your relationship status, how do you feel about discussing your erection issues with a partner?

If it’s casual, like a one night stand, it be harder to explain it in my mind. I prefer to stick with light play and non penetration in the beginning anyway to enhance that connection.

It’s been hit and miss the reactions I’ve got.

It hasn’t been easy but I hope we can get to a better understanding

I felt relatively comfortable discussing it when I was in my last relationship but it was still very frustrating to deal with. The thought of discussing it with a new potential partner is slightly daunting

Not too comfortable, but I’ve done it before a couple of times and it’s helped me be less embarrassed and stressed about it

Never gonna happen

I mention this early in the form…I’m not quite the stag I was in my 30s & 40’s …without referring to the term ED

Did it for the first time ever last night after starting foreplay and little buddy didn’t want to join the party. It really depends on the partner, but mine was super supportive and understanding. A little while later, we were going after it. I definitely am working through some spectatoring issues during sex, but overall it took a ton of pressure off.

It usually feels horrible at the time, but always takes some amount of pressure off of our relationship afterwards.

For me it seems like it helps if we have successfully had sex a few times then I bring it up. I guess it makes
me feel it’s less of an issue

I told my now girlfriend at the third date that it might not work when she took me home. It didn’t that night. Most of the time I can talk to her about it and we had some amazing sex now and then. Sometimes it doesn’t work or takes some stimulation and sometimes it does work .
I feel if I can overcome most of my stress, anxiety and worries, it will get way better.

Usually feel more confident when I know them better. Using stimulation like vibration, alcohol or other substances definitely helps too and the girl I‘m dating is fine with it too. Even used some of the aphrodisiacs herself​:ok_hand:t2:fun times :grin:

Still can be difficult in a long get relationship

Totally fine, we’ve been discussing it on and off for some time and he’s incredibly understanding. It really clears the air also and lets him know that it’s not anything he’s done to cause it

Talking about it was really helpful. One of my challenges historically was that I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to cum and that would become self fulfilling prophecy and I’d get soft. Turns out I had some negative thoughts associated to feeling good. Instead of bottling it up like I have been for my whole life, we talked about it, she was supportive and I’ve been cumming non stop lol. What a complete turnaround

Fine, but if teh conversation goes for long or goes into details I start feeling uncomfortable

It’s uncomfortable but I do talk about it to some extent. I have been married for a long time and haven’t scared her way yet.

I’m not comfortable doing this. I’ve done it in the past and it’s never helped.

It’s better now then it used to be I feel like I can go to her and talk about it if needed

I’ve had to learnt to face up to the awkward conversations, a big part about learning to admit what I have going was to speak about it with my partner.