What was your experience of wax and wane like?

I’ve been edging by myself so when this exercise came up it was kind of easy to do, but nonetheless, really helpful

no good for guys who can’t get hard

Very helpful, but I felt aroused and ended up masturbating i the first attempt.

It felt super helpful this first time. I quickly realized something I’ve never noticed in my sometimes panicked interactions with a partner, which is that when I “lose” my erection, it tends to actually come back more quickly and even more fully with new stimulation. I know it will be hard to internalize and experience in the moment, but there’s a real reminder here that the coming and going of arousal can actually make things better not worse. I also took the time for some languid fantasies about my current partner, which was really nice.

An interesting activity. I think it will work well in combination with the simmering exercise to build up anticipation for sex in the future. I was thinking that maybe after a while asking my girlfriend to get involved and maybe this will help even more to reduce the pressure of getting soft during sex.

Really helpful. It makes me first realize it takes a while for me to lose my erection when I’m relaxed. Second, it will come back

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It is satisfying to allow myself to lose my erection —And I know it will come back.

I did not manage to get hard, but I will keep doing this until I get comfortable and confident with my penis and erections.

Was good. I was able to get hard on thrice with left hand and some imagination of my gf and desires but the problem occurs when i start wearing condom after i get hard, i lose my errection and it gets really tough to get it back.

This was very helpful. I could see how this will help me gain some confidence in the future. Best thing was that I discovered what kind of touch I like to get my erection back

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Only got hard once. Frustrating really.

I mixed this with a type of penis root masturbation and discovered a whole new way of pleasuring myself. Pretty great! Got super hard without cumming, which is something I struggle with with regular masturbation, when sometimes I cum and I’m only like 80% hard. This felt like I could reach 100% and keep it a while, let it go flaccid, and recover the hardness.

This is really an awesome journey. I’m learning things about myself I never knew

I combined this with some of the lessons learned from the self-sensate exercises. Even though I never got fully hard, I can see how this will combine with the other skills I am developing to improve my arousal without using porn

This, penis root masturbation and sensate all on the same day was a bit much…
One note about this that was a bit frustrating is that I couldn’t really get fully hard OR fully soft…next time

Same as some of the others: Was able to get maybe 80% hard and continued stimulation just brought me closer to cumming. Will keep trying this.

I used porn briefly for this as i was under the weather and had just done level 5 sensate yesterday. Was able to do 3 rounds

I was able to get fully hard 3 times within 20 minutes. The first time was easy and I just applied light touch and imagination (tought of a hot sex encounter I had).
The second and thurd time I had to jerk harder to achieve an erection since light touch and imagination weren’t doing it anymore.
Third time I also used lube and almost came but didn’t. Not sure if the whole point is just to apply light touch and use your sensations and imagination. If that’s the case, I need to keep doing it lol.

Absurd!! If you don’t get erections how are you supposed to wax and wane,?

What a great exercise! It directly addresses what is feared most ie losing erection and ending the sexual encounter. Practice will build confidence that any lapse is only “intermission” before the next act. :rofl: