What was your experience of wax and wane like?

I haven’t been able to get a full erection in years, so once I got a partial erection I let it go down and I was pleasantly surprised I was able to get a partial erection again after that.

Oddly I only seem to get fully hard near orgasm but happy it’s getting hard at all honestly

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Felt weird using my other hand but it felt realistic. Made me feel more confident, one step better

Surprisingly easy

Will try

Never completely hard, but went through three cycles. I liked using breathing and 5 senses exercises to move beyond spectatoring.

Really good, thought I won’t be able to do it. But managed to get hard 4 times. Felt really confident after

Could only get about 80% hard each time, but I managed to get hard 4 times, thought I wouldnt be able to. However I attempted to finish it off after the 4th erection but lost the erection while trying to get to the finish line, which was a bit confusing. Not gonna dwell on that for long, the important part was getting it to go up and down several times.


I can see how continuing to do that can inspire confidence and avoid stress. (It’s gone? So what. It comes back.)

Enjoyed it very much

great exercise


First erection was full and very hard, and didn’t take much time to get to. Second and third never reached that level of hardness and took much longer. I found that after the first I had a harder time focusing my thoughts, more wandering and more spectating.

Really good. I have been having issues getting hard for the last month or so. This exercise is really good. One issues I’m having is that other people’s touch is unsettling for me at the moment. I’m considering trying this with my partner and seeing what is working for us. I’m hoping it will allow me to relax and enjoy her touch while she explores my body, finding out what is working and what’s not.

This definitely increased my confidence

Very insightful.

Kinda fun actually. I found that even when my erection subsided, my arousal remained and i was still interested in touching myself the whole time. I guess that’s one of the lessons here. Arousal and erection don’t always coincide exactly, and that’s ok!

That felt really useful and confidence building

This was one of the best exercises in the program. It makes you comfortable with being soft and teaches you how to build it back up. Really good exercise, don’t skip this one gents