What was your experience of wax and wane like?

It felt great. Nice to know that I can be in control of arousal to a certain extent. Even if I’m not hard during a sexual encounter, that can change and my partner will be willing to wait.

I enjoyed wax and wane. I felt it proved to myself I can get hard.

I liked it. I felt it was a mix between getting to know my body and my erections and a bit of meditation in between getting an erection. I also felt I had some control over my erections which might translate into situations with partners.

Releasing the expectation that this exercise will work, or work fast, helps. I did need some time to warm up, but then it was easier after that. I can see how that shows the importance of foreplay and not assuming you should be fully hard immediately.

Helped to play around with different fantasies to see what worked.

Was able to do this more than the 3 times in 20 minutes so I’m very encouraged.

Failed to masturbate

I really enjoyed this one

It felt really good, it’s reinforced my confidence.

I had some trouble at the beginning but it ended being very enjoyable

It felt good to use my imagination to get hard instead of porn. I was able to get hard three times, though the third time was fully as hard as I would’ve liked.


Felt good, non dominant hand soft pressure used fantasy to help with the desire then the arousal kicked in and just felt the sensations. I’ll try again in a few days. Makes complete sense to have to build it up and I feel like the confidence this will give after repeating it will be great. :smile:

Couldn’t get an erection. Thanks, anyway.

Helped me feel more in tune with my arousal and noticed certain things about it

Had 3 full erections in 10 mins quite easily normally I would panic when losing it but knowing it can come back with a minute of soft slow touching helps build confidence.

This absolutely needs to be brought forward in the course! This is far more helpful than the previous couple segments.

It helped me build confidence that I can regain my erection if I lose it.

Great fun, using fantasies really helped me get going the 2nd and 3rd time. I might be able to only use them to get hard at some point. That would be great!

This exercise made me realise that my performance issues don’t lie with my ability to get erect at all as I was easily able to get hard and stay mostly hard through the waning phase. I was surprised by this outcome

Did it 2 out of 3 times ok struggled the 3rd time to erect without cumming