What was your experience of wax and wane like?

i realised that whenever i’m fully erect before sex, i always worry that im not hard enough.

It wasn’t bad at all

More practice required, but I’m optimistic it’s helpful! Practice practice

Worked well. Just need to repeat multiple times to get it in my brain that just because I go soft doesn’t mean I can’t get it back. I’ll keep working on it !

Interesting like exercise

didnt realize it was that easy for me to get hard after going soft and gave me some confidence to know i can control it just like that.

Couldn’t get it up

I got super hard within 10! seconds of touching myself and would take 4+ mins to get soft even after forcing myself to think of something morbid. Definitely helped build my confidence that i can not only get hard quickly but i can also get hard again really easily.

Was excited for this. Struggled at first and couldn’t get fully hard (only partially) within 20 min. Took a minute to breath and go fully soft. Then started again. From this point forward, I was able to get myself fully hard and repeat the process 3 times as instructed. Felt great sense of accomplishment after struggling early on. Didn’t cum, as I want to see how it builds into the next session. I think this exercise will help a lot in the future. I focus so much on getting and maintaining my erections.

Good. Gave me some hope

Will take time

Excellent worked and gave me lots of confidence

This first time, I know my mind started getting distracted, then spectatoring, and then anxious. Which is a bummer because this is the first time I’ve had a negative experience. I guess I just have a lot going on in my world and felt like I could t give this the time it deserved. Will definitely try again in the future, though. I believe in this program a lot.

Decent. Think it will be better with practice. Wasn’t in a natural mood tonight, but it was enjoyable.

The first time getting hard took time,but losing the erection was easy. Getting it hard again was easier . I did it 3 times, had to use will power not to cum

Seems interesting, hopefully it’ll be effective!

Enjoyed it. Makes me feel confident