What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?

Sensual sounding female because that’s most congruent for sexual issues

soft female voice

A happy sounding female voice

This day’s exercise day 2 had the best voices. Slightly calming. And I enjoy it when they talk slower. The others seemed rushed. I would have expected to only enjoy female voices, but I think the pace and the calmness turned out to be more important

Female with a British accent

Soft female voice is definitely the most arousing. I would prefer to listen to a woman cause I feel it’s more comfortable and normal when trying to get hard.

Female, otherwise I feel like a homosexual masturbating to a man’s voice.

The voice in today’s was the best so far. She wasn’t rushed sounding and she has a rich voice.

A neutral and relaxing voice. The first one sounded quite commanding and quite mocking, which I didn’t like. I liked the laid back male voice as it helped me feel laid back and calm. The neutral female voice in today’s exercise was equally calming and felt non-judgmental.

Female voices. Helps me get in the mood for feeling things because I’m attracted to the voice.

Female non-auto generated. It’s more soothing and stimulating.

I prefer a more natural female voice. Just more comfortable with the female tone versus a male voice.

Both are good in its own way. Female voices can help with arousal while men voices can help with positive reinforcement and confidence

Female voices, sometimes they sound too robotic however

Male deep

Her voice did not do anything for me. I prefer a male voice, maybe because I’m gay. I was very distracted during this exercise and I’m not sure if I have a lot on my mind or it was her voice,

Female, the male voices make me feel like I’m at the doctors office

Female voices for sure.

Female voice

Like #quickest-gold-baboonok said it here: being gay maybe has to do with me being uncomfortable, “intimidated” by a female voice. Or it’s réminiscences of having been married to a woman before :wink:
Still passed the voice inhibition these directed masturbation are real awakenings for myself. Glad I found this site.