What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?

Girls voices because they are soft, sexy and helps to put me in the mood.

female , just a preference

A calm female voice. Male voice feels a little alien for a sexual situation or me and sounds closer to my inner critic.

A sensual female voice feels right while I’m touching my penis. Something about listening to a man guide my through touching myself causes negative thoughts.

Sexual female voices. They make me feel more in the moment.

A Matter-of-fact male voice works best for me-maybe because I’m gay

Females feels more sexual

soft female voice

Sexy female voice

I liked the girl in the 4th exercise, helps me focus on the pleasurable feelings if it’s a woman’s voice

The British accent, deep voice, and sexy woman are great. Authority and sensuality do it for me

Soft female voice

More seductive feminine voice tone

I think I prefer a calm, gentle-paced female voice. But not robotic. Think Eraudica…

the male voice from 2 days ago was great. Andy Puddicombe’s voice from headspace would be great for this part too, so neutral

It didn’t matter being male or female, what really helped was the reminders to explore and focus on TPT

I prefer a female voice. Softer and less clinical.

Definitely the female voice much more soothing and present than a male voice

helpful tips to keep aroused

Mike Richards’s voice would be perfect for all of the exercises for me.