What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?

Ladies lol

I definitely prefer a female voice. It makes me feel more at ease and natural

There would preferably be options with the same dialogue, I understand most men here are straight and would choose a woman’s voice but I like the male voices.

Woman’s voice for sure but also the voices need to be a little slower. I feel rushed.

The first two were both good, but the first woman was preferable overall

Soft sexy female voices

Female voices, but also real voices. The voices used for these exercises all sound computer generated.

Calm and slow
Paced voices. Preferably women.
Like a meditation session voice.
It will help me imagine me female partner assisting me.

Excellent voice on this one. Helpful.

Soft ,sexy, female. A guy just doesn’t do it for me.

Soft female voice at moderate speed makes me feel more relaxed

Happy with male or female, so long as its slow paced. best ones were day 3 and 4.

Soft male voice. If Mojo could offer the choice between male and female voices for the guided masturbations, I think it contribute a lot towards the company’s success.

Soft slow female voice

Natural sounding, not robotic, normal to slow pace. More intimate than educational sounding.

Soothing relaxing voices that take a few moments between each instruction.

I’m gay and comfortable enough with my sexuality to be fine with the female voices. Either gender is good

I think a soft but confident tone of voice helps me. I guess that’s how I want my own and/or partners presence to feel like

Calm, relaxed female voice.

Soft female voices, sultry ones.

Women voices are nicer and calming. They’re also arousing.