What’s the most disappointing thing you’ve tried to help your erections?

Prostate stimulator

viagra, tried twice the dose and still didn’t work


Viagra, it helped but the sex lasted 3 hours and she got bored

Penis pump

Penis pump and viagra.

Penis pump and viagra.

Herbal supplements and viagra

I’ve recently takin some testosterone shots

Viagra. I had it two hours before the time a girl was coming home. I thought we’d get physical sooner. But we took a while, and by the time we were having sex, even the Viagra wasn’t working.

Eating pistachios and salmon

Contemplated viagra and no fap. No joy on either fronts. Just need to get out out of my head


Smoking pot to help me relax

I’m 63 and the blue pill does it’s job for the physical part, thank you very much. But it’s the performance anxiety part that’s always been an issue for me, once I get past the 1st time, 2nd time, 3rd time, I feel more comfortable in the relationship and I’m good from there. I feel like if I had a healthy way to talk about this to me new partner that would go a long way for me but I’ve always just stayed in my own head about it. This, “communicating to her”, if I could land it, I feel would go a long way for me. MODERATOR: Thoughts? Ideas?

Jerking off beforehand to get aroused and then meeting my partner “ready” to go

using magnets for blow flow

Ashwagandha, zydenafil

Viagra works (mostly)

Pills. Injections