What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

A girl who is supposed to be at class sneaks off to meet me. She can’t wait. She puts my hand down her pants and I feel her pussybisnalready slippery wet. I rip her clothes off and hold her up side down and bury my face in her gash while I throat fuck her. She squares down over my cock and I watch as my cock slowly slides into her tight dripping pussy. Her pussy grips around my girth every time she lifts herself up. We speed up and I begin slamming myself as deeply as I can into her until I fill her pussy with cum.

The time my ex-bf fucked my mouth and came down my throat while I jerked myself off

Having a 3 threesome with my wife and another man and try sucking his cock with my wife’s juices dripping off it and letting him fuck me while I lick my wife’s pussy.

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the girl in the coffee shop in front of me leaning forward, tight lower back showing and a nice sexy ass in these tight see through summer pants

Given a blowjob to Eliseo

Cumming on my girlfriend’s face while she’s wearing her glasses

Partner naked and slept beside of me, my head is close to her breast

Naked in the shower with my partner exploring each other’s wet and slippery bodies.

There’s a woman at work, a lot bigger than my wife but with a strong personality, thick legs and huge tits. We start kissing and undress each other. She’s panting and hungry to be kissed and touched. I play with her ■■■■ and she’s very wet. We fuck really hard.

Partner being fucked in missionary with her feet in my face.

Eating out a partner while her feet are on top of my head.

Having my ex remove her clothes in front of a bunch of guys and then reluctantly-not-reluctantly get fucked by one of them.

A beautiful woman with olive skin and perfect tiny tits, naked and touching herself in front of me. She sits on my lap, I can smell her perfume, hear her breathing, feel her soft warm skin. She slides my cock inside her and then just sits there playing with her nipples until she cums. Then she slowly slides herself up and down my cock until I cum inside her.

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A hairy big hairy ass to eat out for hours

Cumming in my partners mouth while I’m fingering her tight asshole.

My wife dressed like a dominatrix dominating me like her slave fuck toy.

Me fucking the beautiful Greek man I met at a wedding in missionary but he has the giant dick of the Spanish man I met 4 months ago

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My wife sucking my penis before letting me unload a week‘s worth of cum into her face.

My partner making sexy porn duck face for me while I cum in her mouth

Having my favorite adult entertainer call my name.