What’s the first scene in your erotic bank?

I am standing beside the bed. She is sitting on the bed sucking my dick . Both her hands are on my shaft working in unison with her mouth.

She looks up and winks at me.

My partner sucking my cock while in bed.

Girlfriend wearing a black spandex catsuit becoming miraculously lighter than air and I strip her down and guide her light-as-a-balloon body as we both rise up into the air for a weightless fuck

Kissing the legs of an ex coworker while she’s wearing a red lacey thong

I meet two girls at a sex positive party. Both are wearing sexy outfits and stockings. We dance for a while but don’t talk at all. After a bit we all start kissing, taking turns to kiss each other and go together to the playroom. We start touching each other, we are all very wet. Then we go down on each other for a long time and afterwards one of the girl rides me while the other one sits on my face. I come very hard while she is riding me and then we cuddle and kiss for a bit before the next round when they both blow me until I cum

I imagined having sex with my next door neighbor

Partner walking out in sexy lingerie and stepping right between my legs while I sit on the bed.

Getting fucked from behind while fucking a wet pussy. Getting my ass eaten and tongue fucked

Big tit curly hair blonde, sitting on her knees, squeezing her tits together, bouncing on my cock

Me and my girlfriend in bed

Hot hairy-chested stud in a bathtub … he tells me how much he wants me. I sink into the tub and his cock enters me as my lips meet his.

A sexy tattooed girlfriend I had. In her sexy vampire Halloween costume. Tight leather outfit. We have rough sex.

Showering with my best friend and it leads to sucking eachother off in the shower

A sexy friend of mine in a skimpy bikini

My dick going in and out of a shaved pussy-cat. I can see it happening

My girlfriend kneeling in front of me, deep throating my cock. She then takes my hands, placing them on the side of her head. She then allows me to dictate the depth and pace until I cum deep in her throat.

My partner cuming in my mouth

Friend lying naked in front of me

Feeling my partner’s tits squeezing my dick as I slowly pump in and out of them and she licks my head while I finger her

Driving to gf place she tells me the door will be unlocked and to just come in. I walk into the house and hear a tap running down the hallway I follow the sound a there is my gf in lacy underwear putting on her makeup. I walk up behind her and put my arms around her and kiss her neck. Sh turns around and pulls me close to her and starts kissing me passionately. She rubs my chest and her hand moves down to my cock and feels it hardening. She drops to her knees and start’s to undo my pants. She sees my bulging cock and make’s a satisfying moan . Drops my underwear and begins skillfully sucking my cock. She keeps going until I can’t hold back and I explode my juices in her mouth.