What is your inner coach like?

Inner critic was neurotic and worrisome, conjuring up worst-case scenarios.

Coach was resolute and confident, providing affirmations based on past successes in bed.

People that love you will be here for you regardless of whether or not you can perform.

My inner critic was the devil emoji and in a similar train of thought I wanted my inner coach to be the Angel one but the astronaut emoji fit better for some reason.:woman_astronaut:t5: my inner coach gave off a wise man aura he knew everything and had good counter points to anything the critic said. He made me feel reassured

My inner critic says that i’m not good enough and i will fail but my coach is standing the ground saying that i has been choose. For a reason and i am worthy of success!

Inner critic- you are an embarrassment and pathetic and everyone knows your secret.
Coach- just because things have been bad in the past doesn’t mean they will be that way in the future that is a logical fallacy

A warm figure in a baseball cap who firmly, confidently expresses their belief in me.

my inner critic looks like an old guy with albert einstein hair that says stuff like “you’re gonna lose your erection” “it’s always been the same outcome in the past”… then my inner coach, for some reason i imagine him to look like captain america, argues back at the critic saying “look, punk ass! he’s gonna succeed.” “he’s going to overcome this” “i believe in him”. the inner coach has a bold heroic voice, very confident. they both stare off at each other like a showdown, knowing this is the beginning of an ongoing battle. i am rooting for my inner coach, he’s got my back.

My inner coach is a multitude of people that I trusted when I was younger. They all have my back and they protect me. They speak sternly but compassionately.

“You must be gay if you can’t get turned on”
“Sexuality has nothing to do with this”
“But must be gay”
“Nope. This is the normal ebb and flow of life. Mind disconnect. Confidence comes and goes.”

Working on recharacterizing my inner critic’s personification into something less imposing or at least easier to develop a coach who can reassure and counter the critic easier

My inner coach is Denzel Washington from “remember the titans” lmao.

Anyways he was good at shooting down the inner critic who was telling me that my wife is going to be disappointed and I’m going to embarrass myself again. Denzel kept telling him to fuck off and that my wife has always been loving and supportive and working through stuff like this together will make our relationship stronger.

My inner critic has always told me I am not worthy. He is a little version of myself that sits behind me. My Coach is myself from the future, who is past all these issues. He told the critic that he was the only part of me that isn’t worthy. Quite cathartic actually

My inner coach was surprisingly wise and logical… and compassionate. It shut the inner critic down and countered the inner critic come back. At the heart of my issue… my inner coach asked my inner critic what it achieved by its thoughts and beliefs. After all my inner critic is me and surely it wishes to feel pleasure. Regardless of whether I will have sex again I deserve to have pleasure when I masterbate and I still think about sex and cum even if I’m not able to be hard so the inner critic does not benefit - it actually loses out as it does not achieve its aims and it does not enjoy the pleasure of an erection.

The inner coach pulls me out of my body and makes me feel numb, it distracts and mutes the positive sensations that would help a sexual situation a lot. My inner coach brings me back into centre and lets me feel my body when it can get control.

Very confident friend who strongly believes in me.

It’s like a video game character: a dog with a humanoid body, like something out of Final Fantasy.

My inner coach was half god like but also Micheal Jordan.
He answered by inner critics skepticsim & cynicism with logic. Only 2 days ago I was rock hard with this girl for 20min in a pool because I put no pressure on myself. I am so capable and just need to have fun and relax

Right at the end when she said to open my eyes, I did, and my inner critic instantly said I’m a loser for doing this,except this was in first person "I’m a fucken loser for doing this.

My coach replied, telling me I’m doing something that will benefit me and give me a better version of my life.

I teared up from that. My critic is all over me, so often.

Also odd, I really don’t judge others and often tell people how great they are doing and to go easy on themselves.

Critic was my mum, and coach was my higher self. My coach managed to step in between critic and me, and stood up for me, using my own confident voice and rationalising the critical thoughts

An ugly rat and a smooth fox