What is your inner coach like?

My inner critic told me it had been a while since we successfully had sex, and my coach reminded it that we have successfully done it before and will do it again. Time has no place in the argument. My coach reminded me that I’ve put in more hard work and done more for myself than the critic ever has!

My critic looks at my past and repeats bad experiences in the bedroom as that’s the status quo going forward. My inner coach looks at a new normal that’s possible, in sex, business, the inner coach vs critic is useful in many parts of life

At the moment, I am feeling some other anxious feelings in my life that are unrelated to sex. My inner critic was badgering me, telling me I was still going to feel like shit if sex happened this weekend. My inner coach however, embraced the challenge and hypothetical situation with optimism, believing that my current anxious state is much more temporary.

My inner critic is a snake. It warns me that I’m gonna fuck it up again as usual.

My inner coach is Shenron, the dragon from DBZ, which tells him, you moron, have you seen how much she’s still smiling?

My inner critic is the worst, most humiliating, passive, and avoidant part of myself telling me that I’m not good enough, strong enough, big enough, confident enough to go out into the world and do what I want and what I know is right. My coach came to me as a mentor and peer of my age, physically strong and confident, attractive. He put his hand into my shoulder to confront the critic, and said “this man is in my brotherhood, and he’s as strong, confident, and alpha as I am. I’ve got his back.” I literally started to tear up doing this exercise.

Weaker than my inner critic but stronger in determination

The inner coach encouraged me and reminded me of all the times I’ve been a great partner in bed and the tremendous pleasure I have given my partner with and without my penis. He told me ive done it 100 times before and will easily do it 100 times again with no fear

The inner coach defended me against the inner critic’s insults while also having faith in me. Assured that he would always be by my side. The inner critic brought my troubled past, saying I could never rid of that. The inner coach replied by saying my past does not predict my future and adding that I have already made progress. I believe in my inner coach. I just have to make him bigger while continuing to make the inner critic smaller

My inner critic is a vampire, so I imagined my inner coach as a sort of magical warrior capable of confronting the undead. He simply said “No” and “You’re not real” to my inner critic, which said “Tell him that.” My inner coach replied, “I am him.”

The inner critic reminds me of my failure and applies pressure to perform. The inner coach reminds me that sex is fun. It’s a way to connect with my partner and the coach reinforces that my partner enjoys and appreciates me even when i struggle.

My critic questions whether I’ll be successful or be up for sex. My coach reminds me all I have to do is stay in the moment and enjoy the experience. They are both versions of me.

My inner critic was telling me I can’t get hard and have sex. While my inner critic pointed out that I’ve had great sex plenty of times and can easily get aroused when relaxed.

My inner coach is understanding and reassuring.
My inner coach stands beside me and acknowledges the inner critic’s presence, it’s history, and tells the inner critic he’s no longer needed.
My inner coach smiles at me and I feel his compassion and love for me.
And I know we are going to be great together.

My inner critic is a horrible version of myself determined to make sure I’m not happy; my inner coach is my most confident self, and he told me to ignore the critic and pointed out the critic is a jerk who doesn’t want me to be happy. My coach called my critic out on his shit.

My inner critic is like Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes, criticising my actions and making me feel like i’m awful, always letting people down. My inner coach is like Robert Downey Jr, confident, witty, and always able to point out a truth that gives me a boost

My inner coach is just a faceless person who has my back. Knows what I can do and have fun and backs me 100%

I made my inner critic a snake, coiled on my shoulder and whispering my worst self-criticisms into my ear. My inner coach was a mongoose perched on the other shoulder, with a firm, stern and masculine voice arguing back against the snake and giving me support and optimism.

The inner coach was me with an angry, twisted expression on my face. He asked me “what kind of a man can’t get hard?”. My inner coach was Gandalf(idk, he’s the face I saw) and he told the critic that no one can get hard all the time, and it’s foolish to compare myself to some fictionalized ideal

You’re not going to be able to finish like usual. Coach, how about those times you did in the past? Ok then

I have trouble conjuring an image of the critic becasue it’s never a voice that tells me things. It’s a feeling and a sense of doom that something bad will happen. So I don’t know how to combat it