What is your inner coach like?

My inner critic is the pessimistic version of myself, one which is determined to only draw on negative past experiences to dictate how I’ll feel and be in the present and future. He stands in front or to the side of me.
My inner coach is the optimistic, rational version of myself - one that understands that negative experiences that have affected me in the past don’t necessarily reflect on what I’ll do in the future. He stands behind me with a hand on my shoulder as if to ensure me things will be OK

My inner coach brings the truth, and when the truth is spoken, the critic runs away. The critic cannot stand in the light of the truth. The critic is a deceptive spirit, and is sent away by the truth which is revealed by my inner coach.

Inner critic told me, my penis isn’t working. Inner coach told me it would be fine. It will work. They’re both just me, slightly different voices. But when inner coach speaks it’s louder than the critic and I smile.

My inner coach is me when I’m confident. It is a proud, full presence that speak from the chest. My inner critic is tiny voice that lives in my head. It is wiry and irksome like an ear worm.

So many distractions and reasons to fail.

Who cares. Enjoy the moment. Carpe diem

My inner critic was saying things like: your going to lose your erection if you don’t put it in quickly, your going to cum really quick, your not going to please her, she isn’t turned on because of how quick it is, she had better in the past with guys who didn’t have Ed

My inner coach said that it’s ok to lose or not have an erection, you don’t have to put it in quick or have any expectation as to how long you should last or if you even have sex, some nights it’s ok to just touch and kiss! She loves having sex with me otherwise we wouldn’t do it 4+ times a week!

Inner critic says this time will be just like the others. It was hard to hear my coach say anything at all. I know it wants to say “you’ve got this, relax and enjoy the sensations”, but my inner critic is very loud.

Inner critic: what if yous don’t hit it off? what if you embarrassingly have t explain it just happens and she isn’t convinced? what if you can’t get hard, will she take it personally?

inner coach: you’ve had sex before and it’s went really well. You know you can get hard when the conditions are right. You know you have to have a bond first and can’t jump straight in, and that’s okay.

Coach - Jerry Seinfeld. Critic George costanza.

George says a smartass criticism that’s coming from my psyche, Jerry makes a quip about George wouldnt know because he’s a virgin, etc

Critic says “you are going to fail like always” inner coach is really supportive and gives me encouraging words. Not a cliché just honest words from the heart

Inner critic: you’re probably not going to have an erection tomorrow.

Inner coach: it’s okay if there is no arousal tomorrow, you can enjoy those moments with her to the best of your ability. Take your time and be present.

Inner critic: you see her tomorrow, and you haven’t had an erection and may not get one

Inner coach: it’s okay if you don’t have an erection, you will enjoy the moments you spend with this person by being present and taking your time to connect with her and her body.

The critic is this heavy blanket of doubt. Never says you’re pathetic just creates this air of doubt like why bother this is 50/50 and you will be just be disappointed. The coach says you w had lots of sex and everyone has wanted seconds… always invited back despite this critic of performance…

My inner coach was Denzel Washington. He bounced back abd forth from the training day character and the equalizer character. He knew was strong, confident and was looking out for my best interest.

My inner coach appears as Gandalf the grey facing off against the Balrog who represents my inner critic.

My inner coach is a towering figure of fiction and my inner critic is a black sharp tooth negative gremlin. Physically my I.c. pushes the gremlin away and reminds me that action, truth, and honesty will overcome anxiety. I was able to have an election before. I certainly damn well can do it again

Coach just says firmly - we’re not here to take you over immediately but we’re learning to use you less and less

My inner critic is something that doesnt really have any shape but red. And it gave a feeling like it was a red maroon face that was just wrapping me and talking to me from all sides and not letting me to focus on anything. However, inner coach was literally teaching me how to just focusing on the guy in front of you. There was nothing else to focus on and ignoring the critics

My inner critic just flat out said it won’t work, you’ve got problems, unity is this app etc
My inner coach said, with a loving strong presence, I know you have this in you, you’re going to have great fun and I’m really proud of you… you totally have this!

You’ve done it before, you can do it now. You are fit, healthy and sleep well. You got this.