What is your inner coach like?

Protected me, pushed back on the inner critic and brought a positive counter argument. My mind has visualized my inner critic as “Grima Wormtongue” from the Lord of the Ring and my inner coach as a Knight. My inner coach has warned the inner critic that I was not alone, that he understood his sneaky ways and that from now on, the inner critic would have to deal with my inner coach who brings balance and allow me to have a fulfilling life with new, enjoyable and safe experiences with my partner. I visualize my inner coach standing besides me ready to jump between me and my inner critic if and when needed. Someone to protect me …I am not alone anymore.

Felt a bit corny as I read the above after writing it but also realized that this was my inner critic playing games again and my Knight just shut him down and allowed me to win and post this.

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My coach told my critic that he’s a bully and no longer welcome here and told him his tenancy is nearly up. My coach issued my critic with a section 21 eviction notice.

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Inner coach told my inner critic that his points are not based in fact or reality

Inner critic that I won’t be able to last long in bed. Inner coach that due to now for the first time I’m actually doing something for my PE issue this might not longer the case

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Critic said “you’ve gotten fat, you’re kidding yourself if you think you’ll be able to perform and satisfy her.”
The coach appeared and basically gave a stat sheet of my successes in life and my skill/prowess in the bedroom

Critic says “You’re getting soft. You’re losing it. Another failure. She’s disappointed and probably upset. Great job.”

Coach: “You’re not losing it. There’s nothing wrong with your dick. You get hard all the time! Now drive it home!”

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He said cem can do it! He will stay hard , enjoy every second and will not just come to run away from sex . He will keep going! It will be hot pleasurable sex

It said that I would have a panic attack and dry heave because I worry too much, that I won’t get it up or that I would cum early.

Inner coach said that it’s totally fine, that won’t happen because you’re already seeing improvements with masturbation. You’re calmer. If it does happen, we can use breathing techniques to calm down.

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Critic said you cant get it up. Look at past experiences as proof, my coach said, but focus on having fun, focus on the enjoyment, and said look at all the men who call back to have sex. They all enjoy it, so should you. I can have fun and enjoyment without an erection.

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My inner coach is Butcher from The Boys. He doesn’t take any shit from the critic. Felt like that would be the best way to silence the critic, just shame him and make him weak.

My critic said “you’re not going to get hard. Don’t even bother with sex this weekend”

My coach said “oh fuck off ya wanker! How about you go shove your head in some sand somewhere. My boy is going to get rock hard and he won’t even think about it”


My inner coach is simple - he’s me, whenever I hear someone else’s troubles. I’ve always been an encouraging and praising person to others; I just struggle to do this for myself.

Critic was an evil version of me telling me that I won’t even receive another opportunity at sex because I’m a loser. Coach was a heroic version of me made the critic look tiny and simply beat him with reason alone.

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The inner coach had faith in me to be the best. Dismisses the inner critic as “not knowing what he’s talking about” from a position of clout.

I saw a conversation between my inner critic and then HULK hogan and David goggins appeared as my coaches telling the critic to get lost it has no power

My inner critic played on past experiences. My inner coach pressed the point that past is past and doesn’t dictate thr future.

My inner coach was Sir Alex Ferguson almost giving me a team talk telling the inner critic to do one! He told me that the inner critic has been making decisions for you far too long and it’s time to change that. He told me I’ve got this!

Inner critic said the dick ain’t gonna get up today because it hasn’t in the past.
The inner coach argued things have changed and I did hard work and recently the dick has been very hard during masturbating. Also my morning wood has come back with a vegance.

Inner coach gave the critic the old left right goodnight, telling him to shut up and let me work on the issues without negativity


Inner critic says you can’t satisfy your wife and that’s why she has no libido, inner coach is squishing the critic and trampling on it, giving reasons as to why she chose you in the 1st place

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My inner coach is calm, unlike most of the coach/teacher figures I’ve ever known. He lets me work stuff out and provides gentle guidance, giving me a lot of space but a caring watchful eye. The inner critic is a naggy little shit. Coach makes critic look pathetic. Critic is scared of coach.