What is your inner coach like?

My inner coach was Hugh Jackman

My inner coach was Ted lasso and he kept on referring me to the believe poster and if something bad were to come up have the memory of a goldfish. Also gave my an army man to keep me safe from the inner critic. Ted’s my dawg

either my inner critic and coach are versions of myself talking in a casual meeting where I am present as the true self that merges all versions in one.

My inner critic is a black crow on my left shoulder, my inner coach is a white parrot on my right shoulder. My inner coach is witty and funny but also commanding when necessary. He has clever responses to back up all rebuttals he comes up with, and even says them just to me sometimes so that the inner critic can’t hear!

Coach gave me a comforting hand on the shoulder and gently told me “you got this”. Critic seemed annoyed, but not beaten.

My inner critic, focussedd on the worry of what if i get a chance this weekend and mess it up. My inner coach focused on all the times that hasnt happened and ive done well, and this time inhave techniques to combat if i get in my head

My inner coach is a lion standing proud and firm and my inner critic is a sly cowardly fox whispering lies and hate into my head.

My inner coach believes in me and stands as a beacon of confidence

My inner coach is someone I imagine that stands on the sideline yelling out positive things and knows that I have it in me to overcome this no matter what. Now I know when the inner critic appears I can call upon the inner coach to sort it out.

My coach is me but confident, my inner critic is a timid little version of me

Inner Critic-You’re broken Inner Coach-You’re fine just the way you are, everything will work out

He encouraged me and inner critic is afraid of him

It’s my dog who died year ago but always felt like a buddy to me.

My inner critic was a small figure trying to put me down by saying how will you get hard during the time when she wants it? How will you stay hard as anxiety will be there…but my inner coach was like like a big figure with big chest, superhero attire and a balloon like face. It asked the inner critic to shut the hell up and narrated every detail about how I am going to make my partner happy by enjoying the sex.

Both versions are me, one is worried from past experience and the other is well aware of the problems I’ve conquered before and a large time in my life when this wasn’t an issue and that was recent, this is just a small blip in confidence and im letting it influence me too much,my coach knows my capabilities and is more than confident I can get back to that

It feels like my inner critic resides in my mind and my inner coach resides in my body. My inner critic shows me past bad experiences and worries about the future while my inner coach tells me to trust in my body and in myself.

Supportive to the side of the room. Logical

Kind, assertive, confident, intelligent, supportive, loving

Provided examples of when things have been perfectly fine and gave a balanced argument against the critic. Told the critic that there are only problems because of what he says/how he makes me feel.

My inner coach is very kind and compassionate. It’s encouraging and patient.