What does your inner critic sound like?

tells me it’s not gonna work before i even try

My inner critic constantly is there to tell me I won’t be able to get hard and even if I do, it will not last and it will disappoint my partner

My inner critic is my own voice in my head. He’s telling me that I should be humiliated when I don’t perform. It’s the voice that pesters me when I’m trying to perform, but it’s also the voice the motivates me to keep going.

My inner critic knows that I will have problems so he tries to suggest more erotic scenarios to keep me hard. Instead of enjoying the moment. I’m trying to enhance it with imagination to help keep an erectiom.

My inner critic sounds like me, it’s my own voice. Constantly doubting myself. Then the anxiety comes. Every time before sex I worry about not getting hard, once the worry sets in, there’s little chance of getting hard

My inner critic is my own voice telling me “don’t wank for the next 5 days, in fact don’t even touch your penis, and then maybe you’ll be able to get hard and not go through that embarrassment again”. And if I fail and do do something then it tells me in the moment “I told you so”, and if I succeed and follow everything and it still doesn’t go up then it just says “you really are broken”

They are going to judge your flaccid penis and they would love my hard penis. You can’t get hard because you’re a head case. They will not be interested in me. I will not be able to please them entirely. Why can’t I just relax. God damn it penis!!!

My inner critic is a worm in my head that makes statements that reflect an underlying urgency of needing to focus on the moment, reminding me the awkwardness that can arise if disappointment happens again

My inner critic is like a worm gnawing away at my brain, asking me why I’m not hard yet, that I won’t get hard that she’ll be disappointed and she’ll have to put her clothes back on and how awkward it will be afterwards trying to have any sort of communication. Constantly asking me why I am not hard or if I’m hard enough. Just constant doubt

I honestly don’t hear a voice in my head I just stop and ponder, where did it go? I have strong erections during foreplay and kissing, but shortly after we start sex, I lose it. Is it the fact that I don’t see or hear my long-term partner there in front of me? Or that I’m so used to a hand that my penis doesn’t recognize a vagina? I don’t feel shame, I’m just a bit frustrated. I’ll figure it out.

My inner critic says, “she doesn’t want you! She is only doing this because you want too. She has no interest in you! Your pathetic, you can’t even please her!”

My inner critic has my voice and I can keep it out until i start to lose my erection. It says this is so embarrassing and that my partner isn’t going to be getting satisfied tonight. I try to drown it out and focus on my partner and being in the moment, but that doesn’t seem to help the physical situation.

It messes with what seems to be my nervous system. I get butterflies and I just lose all excitement.

I’ve noticed it in other areas of my life as well

Yes inner critic is very noisy and judge mental it is on aspects of my character who I am shows disapproval for same-sex attraction for desire for intimacy with men and the wrongness of Kasaks. It says you shouldn’t be doing this this is a Serbia or how could you do this to me your wife what would occur if people found out about my sexual orientation and who I ultimately am. There is peace and acceptance now that I have come out of the closet no not in my entire life. My wife knows in general about my sexual orientation but she doesn’t know that I’ve had discrete interactions after 15 years of no sex in our marriage the other fear is what if someone finds out

My IC is more the worm type coming from within in a persistent whisper. It makes me take sex tooo seriously and not as simple fun.

Even though I talk back to my inner critic, it doesn’t help. It just becomes a shouting match in my head taking me away from the moment.

My inner critic sits on my shoulder and tells me “what’s wrong with you”, and “be better”

It was good, to go through the encounter in my imagination, and begin to identify the negative thoughts or feelings. Once identified it feels easier to seperate yourself from those thoughts.

I struggled with this.
I can’t distinguish my inner critic from my own thoughts.
I couldn’t give it a personality.