What does your inner critic sound like?

My inner critic is just my voice inside my head. I think I try to overcome it by thinking things like “right, just stay hard. This is hot, you’re turned on”. Kind of trying to convince myself that it’s all fine. But deep down I know it’s not and the voice points that out to me in a “there you go, see, you’ve fucked it up again, just give up” kind of way. And then I do give up.

My inner critic reminds me of past experiences when I wasn’t able to get it up and rationalizes that it will happen again.

I could usually get it up if a girl gave me oral, but then I wouldn’t be able to stay hard some times.

My inner critic is like another version of myself, who stands at a little distance away from me and talks cynically about everything that could possibly go wrong in a given situation. Sometimes he shouts, but most of the time he just stands there and smirks while he tells me about all my weaknesses. So, for example, when I imagine a sexual encounter, the positive of my mind is focused on my partner and wants to explore her body, while the inner critic is still focused on my penis and how hard it is. And these anxious thoughts in themselves prevent me from maintaining an erection.

My inner critic worries about what I think my partner is feeling.

My inner critic often tells me I’m not good enough for my partner. Either I’m too boring or I am not fulfilling his needs. He tells me that of there is any conflict at all between me and my partner then I won’t be able to “perform” and encourages me to sabotage sex before or during . He is a liar.

I think my inner critic is my own voice. Like a hyper masculine one that fits the ‘masculine’ mould. So he compares me to societal norms and takes me out of the moment. And psyches me out.

I thinks he can predict everything. So becomes a kind of self fulfilling prophecy.

Mine is yelling at me, saying “get it up! Keep it up! Stop getting distracted! You’re going to make her self-conscious.” (slowly begin losing it more and more) “Now look. You’re totally screwing this up. She’s going to be embarrassed. Where is the man in you??”

my inner critic starts happening a few hours before I know I’m going to have sex, I’m thinking about what if this happens and that, and I’m not pleasing my girlfriend

Before I even start sex I want to finish sex rather than enjoy it. Leading up to it, I can feel tension and my mind focuses on “just don’t get soft”. I don’t feel close to my partner leading up to it and my main mission is get in the mood get hard and don’t get soft. It feels robotic

Hey there, I have different caracters of inner critics based on what aspect they are adressing. But in the case with mojo, its my ex who left me made me so anxious and fearful about my current romantic intrest revealing who I really am and deciding I am not worth her time. So my inner critic is not a voice but a feeling of inntense loss of someone I envisioned to be for ever leaving me which gives me pain in my chest right in the solar plexus. This soft but persistent pain has effected my ability to relax to the point where I could enjoy sex with my current partner. It stoped me from recieving pleasure and I could only focus on giving pleasure but when it comes to sex it needs to go both ways to be enjoyable for both.
Thank you Mojo for helping me get my Mojo back.

Mine just makes me remember all the past times I haven’t been able to get it up and it fills me with so much anxiety that I end up just getting stuck

I think it has my voice, its me just checking to see if I’m sure of what I am about to do and whether this will hurt the other person or not, if I am sure I’m not going to disappoint her, or I am sure I am not wasting her time

It’s definitely a version of myself in my head , one that pushes me on but also one that then can hold me back

The voice in my head follows an arc. At first, anytime throughout the day I am reminded of intimacy or sees people together, it says “yeah, but that’s not you”. Then a wave of anxiety comes over me as I imagine myself with someone and unable to just relax and be in the moment with someone to even enjoy the non-sexual time together. It’s like every thought in my head is a chess move that is eventually moving to the one dreaded thing—sex with my partner. It reverse engineers a way to avoid that ultimate check-mate by coming up with way to avoid—GI discomfort, feelings of panic, racing heart. Eventually it builds and builds and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And my inner critic he’s like a little worm in my head with my voice. He tells me hey, try not to go soft today. Do you remember last time? She can feel you getting softer. I wonder what she thinks? When I snap back to reality oops there goes gravity. All of a sudden I’m soft and I panic.

My inner critic is like a better more successful version of me and he talks in my voice with a sarcastic tone and tells me I’m such a failure I shouldn’t even try

My Critic is flippen stubborn!

I think my inner voice is me and is quiet, but like speaking self doubt and or is she going to be wet enough so I can get my part done before it gets awkward. I’m trying to combat this voice by identifying it and being able to silence it.

That sumps it up for me. I wish I could just forget about that. I feel I watch myself which is also super weird.

Not sure inner critic is silent right now.