What does your inner critic sound like?

Rather than a specific person it’s more of a constant feeling or barrier that’s constantly there. Whenever I try to get past this barrier it always seems to block me there’s no way around or through it. As a result, I come to an overall acceptance that I will get somewhat hard but will not be hard enough as I like. Fighting against this just makes the sex I unenjoyable so I end up accepting that the barrier is there and stay clear of trying to push through

My inner critic actives my over thinking about what could go wrong during sex, will I get hard, will I be able to keep it hard or not. Often I’m with my girlfriend in bed but my mind is going crazy because of the inner critic. My girlfriend is very supportive but still it’s really annoying.

My inner critic is my own voice that says things like “don’t get too excited” “why you stressing so much?” “It will be so embarrasing if she sees or feels you are not hard” and many more things until I give up on the situation or start trying too much so it becomes even worse.

Inner critic is little man with a monocle and clipboard who goes round and tries to check if everything is going to go well or not

Fear of not being able to perform or finishing too soon.

I’ve always been my own worst critic, and it has helped me overcome limits in some aspects. Whenever I start hearing the voice while trying to have sex it’s more of a shit, here we go again so that lowers my morale in a way I guess

I kinda avoid the actual situation sometimes I’ve noticed. Like i’ll have a girl in my bed that I brought over and it’s clear we’re both on the same page that we’re going to have sex that night. Then its like the entire time even when we’re just laying together all I’m thinking about is getting hard. When we’re laying together theres less pressure and I will get hard but if im soft and then she goes to make a move to initiate sex its like I resist because I’m scared I wont get hard. Its gone the same multiple times were she’ll start sucking on my dick and all I think about is how things went last time. Then after 30 seconds or so of her sucking I say something like “its hard for me to get hard” and then that pretty much ends things there. During this though my mind is saying all the things I don’t want to hear. Then when I’m having sex its like I’m more focused on her enjoying it and me staying hard then my enjoyment. I know that I’ve improved mentally compared to the last sexual interaction I had but still not where I want to be

My inner critic it’s like telling me that I’m not feeling it and it’s not happening. I tell myself I should focus more in physical feeling and in my partner, but I’m just keeping attention in how hard is it and then I can’t get out of this.

My inner critic is my voice telling me if I make just one stupid move, I will ruin the whole thing and lose my erection. Keeps reminding me on how I’m not good enough or how I will ruin things

My inner critic doesn’t feel like a different person. It’s a voice in my head and sometimes just a feeling. It starts slowly as soon as I am getting to meet my partner. Thoughts starts coming in my mind about, I may not feel aroused enough, that I have to perform today and that I have failed every time. Its reminds me of all the situations in past. Then it focuses on my penis and make me aware all the time that I am not aroused. That my penis is flaccid. All those thoughts creeps up and increases in intensity over the day. And when I am doing with my partner then they make me go down in middle , making me believe that this what exactly was going to happen.

My inner critic is always telling me to keep hard!don’t go soft!

It seems like my own voice, urgently breathing into my ear. As the moment gets nearer it goes more urgent, closer, and checking on me more frequently. Are you feeling up to it? Hard enough? Would you be able to pull it off? Anything you can find to blame on the partner? Keep it up.

My inner critic is just me. It’s me in my head saying oh shit here we go, worried I am going to fail before I even start

The joy and excitement and anticipation gets it up no problem! Then the fun begins - queue the inner critic, it’s my own voice, the fear and panic of not keeping it up and letting her down again kicks in! It’s crippling! Then as sure a damn-it the inner critic is proven right - game over!

I’m going to name my inner critic ‘Bossy Bottom’ … As a gay man I often experience body dysmorphia during and before sex (i.e. my partner’s penis is going to be larger than mine, or even worse it actually is larger, or my body isn’t as good as theirs. It’s challenging because I get to look at another man and I see them as a reflection of all the lesser qualities I possess. I just want to get the fuck out of my head so I can … fuck lol

inner critic says don’t f#@K this up!!

Normally my sex is great as is my performance it’s when now I know I live up to what I’ve already and my inner critic says your doing enough

My inner critic can be multiple voices & sometimes my own. Someone it hypes me up be in the moment make me think too much.

I hear my inner critic as my own voice with a degrading tone.

It is always very close and feels as if it is a more confident version of myself looking over my shoulder, judging each thought and action. It tells me that it is not even worth trying with a girl and that the disappointment hurts worse than being lonely.

Hours or days before a sexual encounter, It will be guiding me to not masturbate, watch porn, be excited about the upcoming encounter, etc.

As it gets closer to the moment my inner critic becomes much more degrading and seeds doubt within my mind. “You are not gonna get it up” or “what are you even doing this for. It is not gonna work.”

During it is always “why aren’t you hard”, “she is thinking you are worthless”, “this was a mistake”.

My inner critic is myself telling me that same thing is going happen that I won’t get hard to avoid sex completely