What does your inner critic sound like?

It’s definitely me I can hear, it’s telling me I’m good as long as I don’t try to penetrate

My inner critic is myself. I think there’s no way I’m going to get an erection from just kissing, if I can’t see her enough, if I can touch her exactly where I want.

The main issue for me has been that I freeze when I know it’s time to stick it in. As soon as a girl hands me a rubber I freeze in place and feel like all eyes are on me, I can keep it up just fine with a little foreplay and having the girl let me know she enjoys it, but things fall apart as soon as I have to awkwardly move around to look for the condom or even the thought that I’ll have to put it on.
My inner critic is the voice that tells me I’ll go soft before I even move to go get it or when I’m putting it on.

It’s definitely my voice. And I picture it as the best possible version of me. He’s perfect in every way. And I’m trying to live up to him.

My inner critic is just a fearful people pleasing feeling. It’s not so much a voice as a feeling of needing to do the right things and be ready at the right moment and a sinking feeling as soon as things aren’t happening.

My inner critic is my own voice looming right behind me. Saying how horrible it will feel to have another failed performance, to disappoint another girl. What is the point of life if you can’t have sex. It says to save face, kick her out and suppress the feeling of failure. Just give up on sex…brutal

My inner critic washes over me and puts me in a panic. My mind races and I can’t seem to slow it down.

My inner critic is deep in my chest. It affects my breathing and ability to relax. It isn’t inherently negative, but instead constantly asks questions that I don’t know the answer to e.g. why aren’t you hard? Why can’t you come? What’s wrong with you?

Not being able to understand or answer these questions paralyses me and takes me out of any moment.

My inner critic has a voice. It urges me to get it up and keep it up. It definitely has the personality of a “jock” and uses the word “bro” and “man” a lot. It is more of a worm and small in my head. It’s like it pushing me to perform which shows I’m already thinking too much.

My inner critic feels like my work voice telling me that my girl needs to be satisfied by the penetrative sec or else she will look somewhere else… this is even despite the rest of our relationship being great.
I feel like I can’t really enjoy the sex, I have to stay hard long enough for her to orgasm… but even with other methods she still takes a long time…

my inner critic keeps saying come on when I don’t have an erection.

My inner critic has my voice and is extreme over thinker wanting clarity and certainty. It is very anxious and analytical

My inner critic is a shrill anxious me who is screaming. Need to stop him

My inner critic seemed I initially to be my own voice, swearing a lot! Fuck, for fucks sake, damn this is going to be shit. As I continued listening to the audio guidance I noticed the sense of a huge evil figure standing over me telling me how shit I am and how shit I am being.

The voice, my voice reminds me that I will go soft as soon as I try penetrative sex. Even though my partner is totally patient and understanding, I still hear my inner critic saying i will lose it if i am inside her,

Confident about talking with her and making her feel comfortable.

Not confident about getting it up with a condom.

Careful about overthinking (my inner voice)

Everything is unfolding. My inner voice is repeating every little thing that’s happening, and I wish it would shut up, chill the fuck out, and just let me live in the moment. Sounds like a quivering boy repeating everything to cope with something new happening. Sadly my brain thinks new=scary. (Overall, very much like the anxiety mosquito in Big Mouth).

Sex progresses. The voice is my own for sure. I take things overly serious, slow and cautiously. And sex is a lot all at once. Often times my brain gets overwhelmed by the amount of errors that could go on in sex, which leads to getting psyched out, especially on first time experiences.

Leading up to sex, my inner critic asks me “are you hard?” over and over, and the act of checking to see if I am causes it to go down. Thinking about it is what causes it to happen, but when you try to focus on not thinking about something, its impossible to not think about it. It’s a self feeding paradox that’s tough to escape.

My inner voice is myself. It doesn’t allow to me to focus on the moment. It’s just constantly worried about that moment when she’s going to reach for it and feel it flaccid through my boxers even if we’re kissing and touching each other. The longer I’m flaccid the more likely it’s not going to work. I’ll see her disappointment and the voice in my head will get louder until I have to abort.

My inner critic is harsh during sex. Even if I get it up I won’t stay hard and then I get even more into my head. I really need to find a way to just enjoy the moment and let go. It can be very frustrating.

My inner critic has my voice and feels like a worm telling me not to do things. Such as don’t loose your erection again, don’t ruin the moment