What does your inner critic sound like?

My inner critic is definitely me from my younger days, picking apart everything that has changed and pelting me with trauma

My inner critic leaps at the first sign Im not perfect and focuses on correcting that for the next several minutes, eventually pushing me to give up

My inner critic is my own voice. Constantly reminding me of past failures by placing flashbacks in my head, and lecturing me not to screw up just like in these past instances

My inner critic is my judgy and makes me self sabotage.

My inner critic is a pessimist! He whispers in my ear putting negative thoughts instead of being supportive. My critic needs to turn into my dam supporter hahaha this one helped me realize this!

It doesn’t really sound like anything. Just a voice telling me she will leave or cheat if I don’t get it up

He starts reminding me that just I always have before. I will go limp

My inner critic is sometimes my voice, or some times the voice of my current or past sexual partners, sometimes it is condescending… like “well done for getting an erection, now don’t lose it you know that will upset me” sometimes it’s my own voice saying “if you don’t get an erection, or you lose this erection she will think it’s her fault- that she’s ugly or fat or does not turn you on”

Sometimes my critic is critical, other times it’s more my mind wandering to completely unrelated worries. Did I finish the work assignment? Have I put the bins out? I’m sure that’s a subconscious process of self sabotage … I’d like to get to a point where I can just relax and be in the moment, it’s not like I can’t spare the time to enjoy myself

My inner critic is telling me hours before intimacy that I won’t be able to please my partner because I’m inexperienced and criticises my abilities and what she will think of me.

Then during my voice always says “you should be hard”, “why arent you getting hard”, “she thinks it’s because of her but it’s all your fault”

Then when I think im starting to get aroused my voice goes “quick, otherwise you’ll go flaccid again”

My inner critic is my own voice
Like a worm inside my head
Dangerous cycle of voice getting worse the more often I don’t perform

  1. I can be confident that I’m attractive, and desirable. I’m not so confident that I’ll live up to her expectations, or be able to get it up. I’ll worry that I’ve drunk too much and alcohol could affect it. I might worry that I’ll start to be less flirtatious because of fear that I’ll seem confident, until I’m not, and that will make me look even more stupid.

I can notice my inner critic.

  1. One voice is saying “just stay calm, you can do it”. As the moment to get an erection gets closer, the voice gets more frantic, and more “you’ve got to do it, or she’ll think less of you and it’ll be embarrassing”.

i saw my inner critic as a condescending version of myself standing off to the side saying things like “this is ridiculous” or “yep of course you cant” or “there’s something wrong with you. this should be hot and you’re just so fucked up.”

My inner critic feels like me talking to myself asking what if you can’t get hard or stay hard? What if it happens again? Planting the seed of doubt again and causing me to panic. It begins throughout the time before and dials up in the moment

I’m just getting to know my inner critic. Previously, I would get fanatical about sex and seemingly have an unending pit of desire and lust to pull from; it bordered on obsessive. Then, a few months ago, I was diagnosed as bipolar. It turns out my insane pursuit of sex was mania. I’m now medicated, which curbs the mania, as well as my seemingly permanent boners.

Now I’m getting my life together and am lucky enough to be dating a woman I really really like, BUT, I now my inner critic has come out to play. I know I can no longer rely on a 4 hour erection and my inner critic has come out to play.

My inner critic is my own thoughts. I can’t overcome it because it’s based on fact. It’s not something that can be dismissed, it is a factual reminder of the issues I have.

My inner critic asks a lot of questions. “Am I hard enough” “will I stay hard?” “Will I last long?”.

My inner critic was my own voice, saying" damn it , it’s happening " and the voice is disappointed in me.

This is a few hours away, my mind is saying you got this, UNLESS you don’t make her feel good or you move too fast or too slow. My mind says I can be confident that she wants to be there or is this a sympathy thing.
Basically any confidence I can have is ruined by my own what ifs.
My mind says to avoid or be careful of alcohol or anything that could affect performance. My mind says I shouldn’t do this unless she wants me to be there, don’t force and don’t be an Alpha Jock Asshole.

The moment has come and everything is happening - the inner critic whispers, “dude you suck at this and you’re not doing anything for her right now, she may not even know you’re actually doing anything”

My inner critic is emotion
Most of all, sometimes a word or two my creep up. Commonly saying make sure. Or do this before this happens. Sometimes I feel desensitized to pleasure down there