What does your inner critic sound like?

My own voice in the back of my head. Questioning each moment with a negative or awkward point of view.

Hours, sometimes days if I’m returning home from somewhere or if I feel it’s an “occasion” that I should be performing well at. It’s my own voice, he speaks like a concerned friend like “man, I don’t think you’ll be able get up tonight for her, you’ll probably just disappoint her again, but she’ll say she still loves you like she always does afterwards” And the voice (me) is right I have a fantastic fiancee and I know she’ll love me and respect me no matter what but I still fear disappointing her every time

My inner critic actually says positive things. Telling me to calm down. To relax. Enjoy the moment. Be with the person you’re about to have sex with. Treat them like a human being. Treat them as “a whole” and not a ‘hole’. AND… it leads to my penis going inside out and refusing to even try to get up :frowning:

Mine doesn’t have a form of face, but is just in the background, making me nervous.

It feels like I am in some ways consumed by my inner critic. I thought it was just me. This task was really helpful to separate those thoughts from myself, they are always negative when there are 2 sides to look at every situation

My inner critic says, you are not enough. She will leave you like all the rest. She will tire of you like everyone else does. If sex isn’t good enough then she will look elsewhere. My inner critic sees the looks from previous times when it wasn’t “good enough”. Times when there was anger because I came too soon.

Now I think that I am too old to last that long. I need some toy or something to help me be enough. My inner critic says, “she’s the best you’re ever gonna get”. You are old and wasted now. Your best days are behind you. This is the way of life.

Sometimes my inner critic is the quiet disapproving look that I have received in the past.

My inner critic has my voice. When he talks to me, It’s not yelling nor whispering, but it sounds disappointed. As foreplay is happening, it says “get hard and stay hard, you don’t want to fail like last time & be embarrassed.” Once I come to grips I’m not gonna get hard, it asks me over and over again “why couldn’t you get hard dude, why?”

My inner critic is I must perform all the time and at the same time tells me it is ok not to perform. I tell myself to exercise, eat well, be healthy and it works most of the time. But now I have anxiety of not getting hard at that moment and feel that I have disappointed myself and her.

My inner critic sounds like me, a worm in the back of my mind warning me not to mess it up. Have to hurry and try to finish as soon as possible or else.

My inner critic is more a voice, but it is is not my owe. It sounds more coldly rational, matter of factly, disturbingly certain. He gets louder the closer I get to sex, as he if he already knows the future. During the act, it’s as if I am bystander, trying protect myself from myself - The beauty of the act dissipates and magic dies as quickly as it begins.

Imagining having sex tonight, having to do it at a specific time, made my body go cold. I had to start thinking about the breathing exercises because the anxiety hit me like a wave.

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My inner critic scrambles ohhhh shit as I try to force myself to get hard

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My mind tells me that my current relationship and any relationships in the future will fail because of my erection issues. I will never find love because sex is required in a relationship. My inner voice is also constantly examining my penis and making remarks on it in the moment before sex. I say things like “oh god please stay hard and don’t lose your erection” or “you can just say your not feeling it to her because you obviously won’t be hard”.

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He is so much better than you. Why is he with you? You’re not going to get hard and not going to please him.

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My inner critic have my voice and remind me how wrong it is to be gay based in religion and my mom’s opinion. It try to make me wonder what she wold say if she sees me in that position. Horrible felling.

My inner critic sits on my shoulder and tells me to worry / panic about not being able to reach orgasm. Makes me think I’m not a real man if I can’t do “normal” things. Builds up my anxiety levels and then follows a mental game of back and forth chatter

My inner critic just tells me I can’t satisfy my girlfriend. He tells me that I’m not good enough and never will be. He tells me that I won’t ever be able to get hard again. He tells me that I won’t ever feel like I did before I had erection problems. My inner critic gives me a lot of intrusive thoughts that I wish would stop.

My inner critic is my own voice, but a silent worm that controls my mind right before and during sex. When having sex, if I can get it up, it becomes a mind game of “how long can I keep this going?” “How long should I fuck before I tell her I’m not going to cum”. “Here we go again, tell her it’s not you it’s me”. I am so focused on pleasuring this other person that if I ever even felt like cumming, I’d likely suppress it and lose it in an attempt to go longer… at that point… I may not ever feel like I am going to climax for the rest of that sexual encounter.

My inner critic wants to get things over with before I screw them up. He keeps telling me not to think, which makes me think more

I hear my own voice. At times trying to hype me up, telling me I got this, and then saying if I don’t get hard, that’s another strike against me. Then I start getting anxious and stressed and wanting to avoid the situation all together.
In the moment I just hear myself saying “come on, what’s wrong with you”
And if I get up and we start having sex, I have to keep the sensation intense enough to break through my thoughts or my inner voice will take over and I’ll go flat.