What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 3)

I think this has been going on for so long that everything has become a fact. It used to be you can’t stay hard if you put a condom on. Now it’s you can’t get hard at all. It’s after I can’t get hard that my inner critic is loudest, which leaves me feeling pathetic and undesirable.

My inner critic is my own voice, whispering, sometimes being soft others rough. It would usually tell me that I won’t be able to maintain an erection until she gets satisfied…

My inner critic isn’t always, well… critical… it’s usually distracting me. It’ll start me thinking about so many random things instead of the task at hand. How can you stay hard when you’re thinking about that report from work?

He is me in my head or sometimes standing beside me talking in my ear like Mr. Robot

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It is me in my head. Hating on myself bc I’m not hard yet. Saying I’m not doing the right thing or not into this woman when I am into her

It is me in my head… are you hard enough? Will it be hard long enough? My girlfriend is so understanding I want to please her and all she wants is for me to please myself. I have free reign and do nothing because I can’t get past “get up / stay up”

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My inner critic is a past self, full of self doubt and low self esteem, not who i am now but able to remind me of that

I am 25 years old and been in a 4 year relationship w an amazing woman. We never had trouble with me getting hard like how it is right now. I know its in my head and its myself who is stopping me from getting hard to have sex with my gf. She has been w me and standing by my side through it, we had talks and she listens and she understands that its in my head and i beat myself up. Recently,2 days ago, it happened where my inner critic was so loud it almost gave me a panic attack when we were staring to initiate sex. It was the worst i had felt from anxiety and she notice that it was going to be one of those moments of disappointment, but she helped me distract myself from my thoughts and i was able to get semi hard, hard enough to penetrate. And as soon as i was inside her, my head cleared and i was able to feel her insides and enjoy the sensations. I guess what im the most anxious about right now is the foreplay. I constantly worry if my oenis will get hard during foreplay to then penetrate her. So thats why im here to practice these exercises to overcome the critic in my head.

It’s myself getting in my own head. The thought that when I get up and hard sex is great but the inner critic is the doubt that sets in. It’s the thought of failure and even though I fail often I can’t seem to overcome the inner critic. I pay too much attention to the potential bad that I can’t focus on the good feelings

My inner critic is me, not wanting to disappoint my wife and myself. Wanted to make sure I capitalize on the moment so in turn she will want to have sex more. It’s me putting a lot of pressure on myself to last longer.

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Myself in my head

It’s a hysterical me, talking fast in a frantic way, worried, and a bit child-like. As I am about to have sex it gets louder and faster, like someone who’s very anxious and doesn’t make complete sense

My inner criticizer is like a very anxious version of myself, the version of myself that is purely anxious and has 0 self confidence, telling me that my partner is gonna be suprised by my body and that in the back of his mind he’s telling himself his(my) body is disgusting.

The best way I can describe my inner critic is as a very critical version of myself. This inner critic is unkind and exacerbates my low self-esteem. It constantly worries and dreads my performance in bed even before anything starts, anticipating failure and negatively impacting my relationship dynamics. There’s already immense pressure to perform as a male, and my inner critic fears that I won’t satisfy my wife’s needs or that she might leave me if I don’t perform well. I recognize that my inner critic has created a mental barrier preventing me from reaching my potential. I’m here to learn more about myself and to master this inner critic.

My inner critic is a very negative version of myself. Its constantly telling me what to expect and how it can go wrong. Telling me I’m not good enough and in turn, not hard enough or not able to stay hard. My inner critic reminds me of moments I could not satisfy my husband. It invokes relationship anxiety of all forms and reminds me that imm jot good enough. I’m here to change that.

my critic is the overthinker, past thinker, not even about sex necessarily. I got this far, do i want this with her as much as she wants it with me? for example. Am i just doing it to do it. ive never needed to cheat- sex is best for me with a constant girl with whom there is some attachment or sentiment- but then it seems its more difficult when youre not over the one girl emotionally, but still have to move on and you meet other women and they want to F, but maybe im not ready.

My inner critic is extremely hard on myself, it never feels good enough and it constantly wants and needs more. He is never satisfied with anything and is always there.

My inner critic is sneaky and I often think of him as a realist bc he points out possibilities but it’s easy to let those thoughts take over

My inner critic steals my joy and doesn’t want me to be happy. He tells me I don’t deserve it.

my inner critic is a cooler dude than my actual self he is everything i want to be he is better than me. but i think he gonna start helping