What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 3)

It’s my own voice, speaking in the first person. It’s no different than the inner monologue I hear in my head the rest of the time. But it’s bitingly cynical - much more than usual - saying things like “good luck with that” and “why are you even trying?”

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Its simply me. My own voice. Calm and confident telling me with certainty how things will play out. “I’ll get my pants off and there wont be an erection to do anything with”

Dont try so hard. Put her first. Overthinking

My inner critic is my own consciousness. It’s sounds like me, but is completely in my head. It expresses all of the negative thoughts and feelings that I don’t want to deal with. It amplifies my doubts and worries, it casts a spotlight on my insecurities, and it’s always there.

I’ll be able to put her first and she’ll enjoy it but when it gets to dropping my pants i won’t even be hard and she’ll be disappointed, thinking that it’s her fault i can’t get hard, and she’ll think I’m not into her.

My own inner voice questioning why it’s not working. It’ll be there hours before convincing myself chances are things aren’t going to go as planned. Lacklustre encouragement, emphasising my already hyperawareness of my partner’s dissatisfaction or perceived impatience.

Anticipating that’s it’s not going to last and that it’s only a matter of time until it’s soft

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What if I am not excited or what if I am not hard when we start fulling around. Or if we start fooling around and we start to have sex and it does not go well it makes me sad and my stomach hurts and I am never going to have an orgasim which puts me in this cycle.

You not going to get hard and start hard when it’s time to put the head in

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It will go soft or finish before she does,

Get hard and then get soft, which made me love giving oral way more but going hard and soft is frustrating for both parties

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I don’t understand how when we’re making out or spooning the little man is up. But when it’s time to do the deed I’m just not as hard as I know I can be. It’s insulting to her, and makes me feel less of a man.


This is what the voice in my head is saying: You’re not going to get hard enough when she goes down on you. And when you’re ready to have sex, you won’t get hard. Even when you do, you won’t stay hard. Even if you do, she won’t make you cum.


It’s my own voice in my head.

It’s starting to get hard, but you know it won’t get there without work. No way will you be able to do oral and still keep it up enough to penetrate.

Trying hard to stay focused to get a hard on and get aroused

Focus on the person

Unsure if critic - but keep hearing a voice saying “stay hard , stay hard , stay hard”

Trying to get hard and not being able to do it.

It’s a shadowing figure distantly over my right shoulder. I picture them as dark clothed with a hoodie never revealing their face, usually telling me negative things like don’t cum yet or it won’t happen tonight

it seems like my inner thoughts know there is a possibility i wont get hard and please her and make her feel like its her fault even though i know she’s beautiful