What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 3)

It’s like a worm that runs from my mouth to my penis, constantly giving advice about what to do next or she won’t like that or try something different

My inner critic is my voice. It’s shouting at me, getting louder and louder as the sex progresses. ‘You won’t get hard, it’s not getting hard - it’s happening again, oh no not again’.

Just a little nervous worrisome person that is very pacifistic and is thinking something is always gonna go wrong

My inner critic is just me talking down to me.

It’s a voice telling me I won’t stay hard long enough to get the job done.

Just my mind saying here we go again. No don’t go down. Oh that’s it. She’s looking. You look like an idiot again.

Me, doubting myself and overthinking, a very fast speaking voice that kind of zones me out from the situation.

Just like a voice over an intercom in the office space that is my head reminding me of past failed relationships.

A worm in my mind piping up every now and then

It has me hung up on an ex girlfriend

It’s repeating over and over what’s going to go wrong

A little nagging voice if doubt that seems to chime in at the wrong times reminding me of my flaws.

Just picturing how tense I had been with a new partner, and how things didn’t turn out as we individually expected due to heightened sexual anxiety…

It is a soundless voice that constantly reminds me of the worst case scenario. It starts hours before I’m actually having sex. It eats away at me and has me believing what it says

It doesn’t shout or scream, it’s just there… niggling away. This isn’t going to work… what if it doesn’t work… what is she going to think… this is so embarrassing… why doesn’t it work… again, and again, and again

A small voice that is usually my voice cautioning me not to lose my hard on as I try to visualize my partner in a provocative/sensual manner. Pushing for encouragement like a coach gives a player to keep going but the body and mind aren’t in sync and the voice goes to not wanting to disappoint my partner and not please her. Distracting thoughts and voices.

This person who is teaching me to like swim, and then just starts submerging me - trying to drown me with criticism.

A niggling little voice telling me nothings going to work and all that will happen is il lose it and dissapoint her. I should just give up and not bother even trying.

He sounds like me, but flat toned, pessimistic version and quite different to the real life version which is energetic. That’s why I found it so difficult to separate between the two

It’s like an unexplainable deep sadness and in shock feeling like as if I’d seen my friend die the moment my partner tries to interact with that part of me