What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 2)

My inner critic is like a sudden stage fright that comes on when things start moving. Anything unexpected or not completely pleasurable can make me start to pull back and feel cornered or activate my fight or flight. Every little mistake is magnified 10x and a feeling of my self worth being tied to performing fills my mind. It’s like this facade of being in control and being confident shatters and suddenly I’m being judged as a failure and it takes me out of the moment completely

He’s a ball of fear, anxiety and embarrassment rushing me through sexual encounters. Reminding me that I don’t have long to maintain an erection

Mine is overthinking and that keeps me from focusing and being able to relax and enjoy. I don’t have as much of a problem with my wife but always with new partners. I want it so bad and want to be good for them I end up not being able to perform.

He is a ball of anxiety, embarrassment and fear that rushes me through each encounter. He reminds me that I don’t have long so I need to forget about foreplay and anything sensual and just get through the sex

My inner critic is always there as soon as I think I’ll be having sex with a girl. If I go to a bar or club and they want to go back to have sex, I can hear my inner critic saying I wont be able to get it up. When I’m making out and fore playing it will always be there talking to me.

It’s not extremely negative, more matter of fact. Just telling me what I already know.

My inner critic uses humour to try to distract from ‘failures’ but I guess this can cause the problem to spiral as a part of me (not sure what part without further reflection) tries to keep the joke running or respond to it

It is me over protecting myself. It means we’ll, but it has no idea what it is doing to myself life.

It’s confident and smart seeming, like a little Aladdin genie or devil that’s charismatic and tells me I’m too lazy and insecure to make sexy moves, that my dick isn’t going to work anyways so don’t bother getting her going. If I fight through it I’ll hear him five or ten seconds later reminding me I’m not hard or not going to stay hard, then letting me know I’m thinking too much about this, that I think too much about everything and how insecure and weak that is. That my girl deserves better. Then if we decide to stop it tries to tell me it’s okay, it’s okay if I’m not good at sex, it’s okay if we don’t have sex again forever. It’s almost like it’s trying reverse psychology on me and I can feel it.

My inner voice usually tells me where to touch and what to do. Keeps updating me on the status of my pennies. When everything works it is very positive. It tells me “nice you got it up, now move onto more pleasant moves” but when it is not going up as fast goes like this " better stop now before it is too late. Come up with an excuse to end it so you don’t look bad"
Also in the middle of the intercourse I hear my voice saying “make her cum so we can finally focus on my pleasure because if not you either going to cum before she does or you are going to lose your hardness”

My inner critic is myself, and I’m sure it’s always been a prominent part of my life, but I only really started to notice it in high-school and onwards as it got progressively worse. He’s a little voice in my head, and sometimes it feels like there’s more than just one voice, as if there are dozens of different voices shouting or whispering at me in unison. When it comes out, I become more hyper aware and hear things like “You’re gonna fuck this up” or "You don’t know what you’re doing ", and other things similar to that. I just wanna be able to overcome this and keep myself positive for once and feel normal again, if I ever even knew normal to begin with.

My inner critic is me, myself and I. During foreplay it questions if I’m going to get hard, if I’m going to stay hard and why was I hard but now soft. It questions if I’m good enough, and graciously reminds me that if I don’t hurry up and get hard soon, the moment will be over and done with.

My inner critic is a self fulfilling downward spiral. He’s a jerk.

My inner critic was s a voice inside my head saying don’t lose it, well done you got it working but on the other hand it says really are you going to do it. I hope so.

My inner critic is very inquisitive, like myself. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it says or when it starts getting into my head. What I can clearly envision and even almost hear is “Why”? A single word, a question that takes my attention away from the moment, and sends me down a spiral of interrogations and frustration, and finally, deflation

My inner critic is like a close friend. It’s basically asking me “can you trust this person you’re with? Is she telling you truth? Think about it.” Obviously that suggestion of introspection kills my mood.

My inner critic tells me that I will never be able to give my girlfriend the raunchy sex she is used to like everyone else she’s had sex with. It tells me that there’s no point in trying new things with my girlfriend because there were a bunch of guys before me that gave her way more pleasure than I could ever give her. It also tells me how much better the other guys are in bed than me because of our lack of variety in the bedroom.

My inner critic always reminds me I can last for long, hence the anxiety that I’ll cum quickly and end up not satisfying her and embarrassing myself. My inner critic makes me think she will not have a pleasant and desirable experience with me because I can’t make her cum through penatration.

My inner critic is there every single day of my life spewing incoherent blabber about how i will never have sex. I’ve received oral sex, been very sexual towards my partner. but it’s that last step of penetration that haunts me. my critic is there every step of the way, first being slightly repressed before getting let out to destroy me from the inside out.

My critic is me. I’m hard on myself and it constantly tries telling me that I ain’t meeting a standard that I set on myself.

It’s me in my most cynical tone. It’s like a depressed part of myself that doesn’t see any hope. All it does is fill me with doubt and second thoughts and take me out of the moment, making me realize that it’s not working.

My inner critic starts worrying about getting an erection hours before I know I am having a sexual encounter. Then if I get an erection I start to worry about being able to ejaculate before I lose my erection. I start feeling guilty that if I don’t ejaculate my partner feels like it’s their fault and is disappointed they couldn’t please me.