What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 2)

Negative! Disruptive. Unwelcome. Annoying. Just wish he wasn’t there!

He has my voice and keeps my past performance failures at the forefront of my mind while belittling me for not getting hard.

It’s myself but a bigger version of me in my head more composed and what it says happens

My inner critic is myself. Just a voice in head that simply starts to worry. As soon as the kissing starts, I start to think about the next thing…am I getting hard yet? If I’m not getting hard, I tell myself to relax and keep going. I take myself out of the moment and cant stop focusing on my limp penis. Then maybe I get back into it and am present in the moment and all of its pleasure. So I temporarily get hard again. I want her to feel that to demonstrate “hey i actually can get hard, see?” But then when it progresses after that, I start to worry and the erection is completely gone. This is the moment when I should be hardest. And my mind starts to say “it happened again…it’s always going to happen…she’s judging me…I fucked this up.” And it’s hard to recover from there. Usually once I start to please her and she reacts pleasurably to the things I am doing, I get my erection back up enough for penetration, but it may come and go…so it sometimes feels like a race against the clock. My inner critic says “well its only a matter of time before you get soft again”.

My critic say me don’t satisfy, control all situation , be always thinking

My inner critic is the thought that something was wrong with my penis that maybe it’s less sensitive than it used to be I used to come quickly and now it takes more effort to come. My inner critic is telling me my penis has transformed and is less sensitive maybe it’s from an STD I got 15 years ago, maybe it’s thoughts of my ex-wife maybe it’s thoughts of all the prostitutes I’ve been with. My inner critic is pointing all these things out to me. Now that I’m establishing a new life with no sex w ex-wife, and no more prostitutes having sex is a brand new experience with me having it with normal women has given my inner critic, a voice.

My inner critic is me, foreplay is fine but when it comes to the act it just tells me that I won’t be able to deliver, almost as if it just freezes my brain and refuses to let me go any further, whenever I am under pressure that voice is is my head telling me I’m going to mess up, simply won’t let me experience or enjoy the moment

My inner critic just repeats over and over in my head “you better get hard” “don’t fuck this up”

Usually things warm up just fine. I get hard while making out and removing clothes. But when it gets a to be time to position for insertion I lose all confidence. It’s me in my own head, just a simple “Here we go again”. I feel embarrassed to look her in the face, like I don’t deserve to be there, and there’s no coming back from it.

My inner critic makes me hyper aware of what’s going on. If something doesn’t feel right or is not going well. It’s highlights it and dwells on it. For example, not being hard. It doesn’t allow me to relax and be present in the moment enjoying what it’s actually happening. It tells me that I’m going to be bad or not satisfy the woman I’m with. This also stems from an ex who said that only women and masturbation could make her finish which led to feelings on serious inadequacy during sex.

It’s me but just more timid and nervous to cum quick or that I won’t stay hard

My inner critic is a mirror version of myself. One that lets his depression and anxiety completely control his life. One that is not sure of himself and wants to make me feel it. He tells me to think about other scenes I’ve seen from porn and tells me to think about that instead so you can stay hard. But my concentration on older scenes vs the real sexual act get clouded and I’m trying to find the rise instead of enjoying the moment. I already lack confidence though I shouldn’t. It tells me I’m not enough my girls friend wants someone else.

My inner critic is myself just screaming at me with profanity telling me to get my ass going and to quit feeling insecure and sorry for myself.

My inner critic is myself, usually anxiously telling me to stay hard, do better, or make sure to cum (which I struggle to do during penetration). Sometimes it takes over if things don’t seem to be going well and I get in a cycle of anxiety over not being able to perform or keep my partner satisfied.

My inner critic is like a feeling or a memory. It’s anxiety about a lose of an erection or that I won’t be hard for my partner. And when it manifests its my thoughts bouncing around.

my inner critic is like a worm with my face, he keeps saying that i will lose the erection, fuck this worm, i want to be good in bed for my girlfriend. despite i am quite muscular, i workout a lot and got perfectly healthy testosterone, i am afraid because it does come sometimes and mess me up.

My inner critic is maybe less a critic of myself and more of a critic of the women I engage with. I think my inner mind is stuck on the damage that had been done to me by my ex. The physical and emotional ways that she violated my trust and so I put that on to every woman I meet. I assume malicious intent on the part of women. That they just want to take from me, they don’t respect me, they’re only physically attracted to me and they are taking advantage of me. All this, I think, happens on a more subconscious level in my brain. What is really going through my head is just thoughts that are really anywhere else but the present moment and the woman I’m with. I don’t want to be vulnerable to any woman and having sex or even just being romantic is the most vulnerable a person can be around someone else.

My inner critic is doubt, a shamed, and scared. He says things like this is never going to work, your never going to be able to get hard, and your just broken.

It’s just me. It’s a small version of me inside my head that feeds on pessimism. It’s all the negative parts of me and none of the positive

What it is for me is myself sitting in my own head telling me I’m not satisfying my partner enough and she hates it secretly stuff like that which stops me and I sort of lose it and then end up stopping or experiencing PE and feeling very uncomfortable and annoyed with myself