What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

In one part it says to relax the muscles by using the same motion one would use to stop peeing. In another it says to flex the muscle by using the same motion so one would use to stop peeing. In one description the floor is moving downward but in another is moving upward, both using the same motion one would use to stop peeing. No wonder I don’t think I’m doing this right.

It felt fantastic

It was awesome

It’s weird, like on one hand I can see why it helps. On the other, it feels like I’m not really doing anything? I think it’s because it’s very subtle, like flaring your nostrils or something. It’s a movement that feels like it’s been subconscious so to focus in on it feels weird.

I’m going to do thdm6

They don’t seem too challenging, hopefully something simple that can make a difference

When I have done them in the past they made a huge difference. Somehow just ‘forgot’ to do them one day and never thought about it again for years.

I’ve tried another kegal program before but this one is different.

I can say it works. It takes time, but it is beneficial.

I get confuse when to do Kegels or reverse kegels.

Can only help!

The stretches are really nice and might help more than just for ed

Was difficult to figure out where the muscles were at first but seems like it could help. I train other muscles in my body 5 times a week why not these too

I’ve heard of them before, but put too much pressure into them and held them as a miracle solution which they aren’t. So I gave up after a week of seemingly no change and it fed into my depression concerning my erectile issues. I’ll give them another go as I’m sure they can’t hurt and can only help along all the other lessons I’ll learn here ^^

Takes more towards the end is the exercise than I was expecting.

Sure I’ll keep doing them it feels kinda good!

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if/when I should be flexing and relaxing in actual game time situations.

Stretches take some time to find to do. Can’t be something you do in bed like everything else.

Some of these stretches have indirectly been part of my workout stretching already, but when you’re focused on it specifically it hits a little bit different

Worth seeing if this helps. I’m a little skeptical that this will solve my problem but it can definitely be a contributing factor. I don’t stretch a lot anymore and definitely feel how tight my whole body is including my pelvic floor.