What do you think about during the Anxiety-busting meditation?

different topics, not necessary about sex. Could be things I need to get done, plans etc

Never done it before, having mixed feelings about it, wont give up as i like the benefits of boxed breathing so will continue practicing

Incredibly relaxing to focus on the breath and let go of all worries and concerns


ive loved these meditation, i do one everyday without fail now, they have helped me the most so far

For me it is typically when I put a condom on. I don’t know if that is enough to take me away from being present but I feel like I have to race to get that on and get into action. I know I am going to feel less and that takes away from the pleasure it takes to keep things erect.

I keep thinking for losing my erection at a critical moment. Inner critic keeps on saying it will end in tears . The thought of my partner face losing all the excitement she had. My heart starts racing until I hear it pounding through my ears.

I’m really enjoying it. I am yet to experience a benefit in sex but am finding it is helping me enjoy other experiences more as I am more present and not doing them with half a brain in the activity and half a brain elsewhere. Hopefully this can translate to sex too and I’ll be fully engaged and in the moment rather than thinking about erections or other things that aren’t helpful.

I think meditation is helpful for every day anxiety also. I think it is helping me slowly but surely with my performance anxiety too

Mind wonders to different things but always helps when I meditate

It has helped me control my wandering thoughts and focus more on positive sexual experiences

I think about myself in a calm state meditating in nature.

I am listening to what my body is telling me. the questions of thoughts of helpful, and scanning of penis and genitals helpful

My girlfriend and our sex life and my part in it, I have begun challenging my negative thoughts and the breathing techniques have helped me calm down

Have been meditating for a year prior to these meditations. Have really enjoyed these as have never been directing the meditation towards nit getting it up before.

I’d recommend anyone struggling with getting into the meditations just to stick with it. It’s like anything in life you have to practice to get better!

It’s been one of the most important things to come into my life as have suffered from anxiety a lot.

The “bring your attention back to your breathing” idea has been helpful for me as I’ve masturbated on my own. When I find myself starting to have negative thoughts or feel panicky when I start to lose hardness, I go back to my breathing and it seems to work. Unfortunately, I have not been able to translate this to the bedroom with my girlfriend yet. I have to remind myself that progress is progress.

Have found the meditation to be calming and good for general well being however at the moment I struggle to believe it will solve my erection issues

Mediation has helped me a lot. It helps me get out of my head and focus on the present, pushing away any negative thoughts.

I actually had a sexual encounter a few days ago and I actually managed to get it up which was such a good feeling but then anxiety rushed in as i realized i still needed to get the condom on and as i went to go get it and open the package my boner started going away but then i opened the package and just held on to the condom, and she started giving me head until it came back up which usually doesn’t happen but this time i calmed down and did the breathing exercises and it actually worked! long story short just breathe and calm down and it’s never too late to get it back up

Meditation has greatly impacted my life. I’ve started to do it twice daily now as it has improved my sleep as well, when I would usually have trouble sleeping due to my worries of relationship issues. I feel that it’s a great way to start the day off as my mind and body are more relaxed. Whenever I find myself with a negative thought, particularly about my erection, I quickly turn to my breathing which has been good in setting aside those thoughts. Meditation is probably something I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.