What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

I’m starting to enjoying the exploration of other parts of my body without it feeling weird or forced.

just focusing on the sensation and blocking out the negatives, will continue to practice but confident it will get better from here on out

I learned that, for some reason, the right side of my penis is much more sensitive to touch than the left side

touch felt good but my mind kept creeping in noticing that I wast getting hard…

Noticed the spectatoring, but it’s good to get a sense of the ‘journey’ rather than just reaching orgasm asap

I never used to pay attention to the sensations of texture, temperature and pressure. I don’t find that focusing on these makes me aroused, but maybe that will come with time. Focusing on these sensations do help keep me present.

Feels really pleasurable and relaxing. I’ve had a hard time enjoying a partner’s touch because I assume they’re having a bad time if I don’t have a rock hard erection right away

Didn’t like the audio. Felt extremely rushed and wish he would have paused to let me explore between instructions. I got frustrated and it took me out of the moment. The last one was way better

not sure I am feeling sensations to their fullest. hoping more practice will help that

Definitely have a disconnect and can’t get hard from light touch. Work needed to get used to that

I feel like this would be easier with a sexy woman voice telling me to jerk off…

Light touch is good but not overly impactful on erection

New feelings and confidence.

The light touch itself doesn’t get me super hard but as i build up i feel like my erection is stronger than if i hadn’t done this type of foreplay

There are other ways of touching myself to achieve an eréctil than just grabbing my my penis and tugging like I usually do when masturbating.

I discovered that often I just jerk off in the most efficient way. I also feel pressure to be like this sex god when in reality that’s just because I feel like chicks will leave me if I’m not. I think I should really be focused on just pleasure and work out to the abandonment issues in a more healthy way

Even as a gay man, I didn’t like the male voice on this. It felt a little creepy

As far as the exercise itself, it was enlightening. I became aroused with the light touch and anticipation that slowly moved toward my penis, and was getting turned on even without traditional masturbation.

Focusing on the sensations, taking my time and trying different methods and touches has been really good, actually discovering what feels good instead of just having a wank for the sake of it. First couple of times felt weird but its starting to make a lot more sense and I am enjoying it.

Good to be rewiring my brain to accept being present and enjoying it regardless of how hard my dick is. This voice really didn’t work for me: too robotic, unnatural. I found it very distracting and unsettling.

Not a fan of this voice.