What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

Different feelings of texture and tempature

Feels good, but it makes me concerned thatvI never gets really hard ynoess I revert back to a firm death grip.

Getting better at focusing on sensation rather than negative thoughts.

Don’t really get hard just from touch around my body but I feel like as we’ve gone along as I use lighter touch and explore my penis it is easier for me to get hard.

It’s obvious that my “efficient” tight grip during masturbation had desensitised me over time. I often feel very little during penetrative sex, especially when my partner becomes excited and well lubricated. That makes me feel like I’m losing my erection, even when I’m not. That then brings about the panic that really does make me lose my erection.

These directed masturbation exercises do work for me and I’m enjoying finding new places to stimulate myself. However, it’s discouraging to know that it works for me when I touch myself, but does not work when my partner is touching me. I hope there’s some sort of transition to having your partner masturbate you. Feels like I’m living in two separate worlds. One, where I can get and maintain strong erections and another where I can’t get even get aroused.

Actually far more into feeling sexual than just rubbing one out.

Much harder erection

There are many different forms of pleasurable touch

I’m learning to enjoy the sensations of touching my body other than my penis. I’m discovering that I enjoy having my outer thigh stroked the most. Although I don’t get hard just from touching my body, it is a great start in terms of arousal. I’m used to just going straight to my penis whenever masturbating, so with practice I hope to switch up my habit to include more “foreplay” with myself before initiating the autopilot that I’m used to.

I enjoyed focusing on the textures and temperatures. It was hard not to let instinct take over.

What touches feel better

I found myself getting a little bit of blood flow but not fully aroused.

I can’t keep hard without squeezing my buttocks and thighs. And that gets very stressful. Moment I relax those muscles I lose my erection. Any idea if this mean I have weak pelvic floor?

It makes me more aware and puts more enjoyment to the process rather than just focusing on knocking one out real quick.

I don’t find myself getting aroused during these exercises but they are relaxing

I didn’t do the exercise right away but fell asleep just after tuning into it. I awoke a while later with an incredible urge to masturbate. I just went slowly and very very gently touching myself all over. I really tuned into the sensations in my body and became relatively hard for the first time in a long time. I took a long time over everything and edged myself a couple of times and let it subside. The main sensations I enjoyed were in the perineum so when I did eventually cum, the whole sensation was mind-blowing. I’m so looking forward to the next time. Thanks, guys!

I realized I have to focus very hard to feel sensations on my penis. It took a lot of changes and even to use different fabrics to recognize the sensations. I had to move the fabric over and over again and focus on it to realize it. But it was an insightful experiment. Will keep working on it to see how I can get those sensations back

I was surprised how effective light touch was and how I was able to move away from spectating and into feeling whatever sensations were there.

I find gentle touch play really arousing

Learning pleasure and arousal as every bit if not more important than only penetration