What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

I generally don’t have trouble getting hard solo, but with a partner there it adds pressure and the flood of critical thoughts, worry, self-doubt. This exercise helped me realize that my issues are all in my head and when I’m relaxed and feel there’s nothing to prove, my confidence and my erection returns. The trick is getting into the confident headspace when I’m with my partner.

MASTURBATION…IN SPACE. The voice is awful, sorry guys. I could not take it seriously. There seems to be a fairly common consensus in the comments that mellow, relaxing female voices would be most appreciated. I guess I am speaking for the straight folk here though. This voice may be bang on from another perspective.

I get hard quite quickly with light touches in the right spots.

Spectatoring some for sure, but also noticing some sensitive areas that I don’t usually.

It’s not too difficult for me to get erect when touching my body.

I think the idea of “play” really helps to turn me on. I think watching too much porn distorted my idea of what good sex is. My idea of good sex is playful, fun and connected so it’s nice to masturbate in a similar fashion

Really nice to not feel like I have to cum to experience pleasure. I’m remembering how good it feels to stroke the hair around my asshole and tease my body before touching my dick

I’m noticing I’m thinking these when I’m doing it

I like a pulling sensation. Pulling gets me hard quicker.

I am noticing how a light touch near my head feels best when I’m touching my penis.
To be honest that light touch feels best everywhere and often sends sensations to my groin.

Good to have directed focus options to stay in the moment ( pressure, textures, temperature) … I guess it’s a mind switching technique. Negative thinking was that I can’t be this present with another person, that it’s too self indulgent … interesting :thinking: