What are some of the positive and negative effects of masturbation for you?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think my frequent masturbation affected my sex life. I normally masturbated everyday but two weeks ago I decided to try going down to once a week. I now look forward to masturbation Monday and oddly enough find myself rarely thinking about porn or jerking off throughout the week. I’m definitely feeling more motivated to share a sexual experience with a partner too. Can anyone relate?

Bit robotic I suppose

Positives are that it feels good and gives me a release. The negative is that if I don’t get fully hard this puts me in my head worse than not getting erect with my partner.

Stress relief

Makes me feel good

Fulfilling but makes me expect more from sex or I can’t finish

Positive is of course the climax and experience, the negative is having a routine and depending on various fantasies and thoughts. My challenge is visual stimulation

Positive is stress relief and the visceral pleasure. Negative is I often feel upset that I have to do this for myself and someone isn’t doing it for me.

Keeps the system working on a regular basis

Positive" feels great, is a good escape and stress releiver
negatives - it lowers my drive, dependence on fantacies, physical touch alone doesn’t turn me on much

Masturbation has shifted from a pleasurable activity to one of stress release, I want to regain the feeling of pleasure.

I wasn’t even hard during this exercise so of course I didn’t orgasm. I don’t get how it can be called masturbation if I didn’t orgasm

Negative is it makes me less horny.

postivie got hard, negative mind was wandering

Positives: pleasure, release, relaxation, pain relief, not reliant on my wife when she is not interested, explore my own responses, practice techniques, last longer, fun to experiment with different ways of masturbating.
Negatives: sometimes it leaves me feeling tired, or feeling that I’m doing it too often, or frustrated if I’m unable to get an erection, or wondering if I’m making myself less sensitive to stimulation.

Makes me feel guilty that I am seeking pleasure from somewhere other than my wife.

I found it very pleasuring. I got an erection quickly.

Masturbation has always been an end of the day treat for me. A congratulations to and from myself for getting through the day. Easy or hard, a day is a day, and a day without at least one kind of pleasure doesn’t feel like a day worth living.
Problem is that with how I do it, I’ve effectively trained my penis not to ejaculate when fully erect. And now, I’ve got to re- unlock that ability through some kind of training. I can’t be mad about it, bc I miss trained it myself. Here’s hoping.

Negative is that it feels desensitized during sex. Positive is that it helps me relieve stress

Masturbation feels good, but I feel like I have to stimulate my dick to get it hard. I would like to get hard from other sensations. I feel mastrbation trains me to only be hard when my dick gets stimulated. The only way I get hard in bed is from head. But I wanna show my girl she alone makes me hard. I am frustrated w myself