What affirmations work for you?

The given ones & “I am here. I am safe. I am strong. I am worthy.”

More examples would be helpful, but session 5 of the “Conquering performance anxiety” session really helped the belief!

we were once a unit where did that go?? we will get back to 100%

You have given me so much pleasure, hard or soft.

“You’re doing just fine,” “enjoy this feeling,” and “let’s just have fun”

So, I was talking to my penis like a person, and I was just saying how we’re a team, and we’re going to be all right we just gotta help each other out. It sounds foolish, but it made me very happy and confident about getting it up!

You are part of my body
We are working on it

Don’t think, just have fun and enjoy. We are partners

Saying we are working on this together

You’re part of me - we’re a good team!

“I’m getting my mojo back”
“I am in control of my erections”
“Me and my penis are friends”

You are part of myself, inseperable from the rest of me. I have wronged you and used you as a means of improving my poor confidence. We will work together on this. We will win the battle against the demons of the past.

It’s not you’re fault, we’re in this together and it will work out.

This does nothing to help the situation. I feel like Mojo is the TV show Lost that perpetually continues, but accomplishes nothing. I am about ready to quit Mojo since it seems to only groom you to say positive things about a process that does nothing.

We are working through this together. You are a natural part of me that can be my team member.

I’m sorry I’ve charged you of a lot of extra work!
I’ll take care now

It’s ok to be flaccid. My penis is part of me. We are in this together and we are on the right track and we are going to work this out.

Being on the same team seemed to work quite well :slight_smile:

I repeatedly told my penis how much it’s loved. I’m proud to be exactly who I am.

everything ig gonna be alright.