Vitamin D can help!

I just replied to someone but it made me think about sharing this. Do your own research into it, but as someone about to go to med school vitamin D can help with a lot including anxiety relief and testosterone levels. Not to mention the placebo effect haha


I also read it somewhere, but never tried it. What do you suggest? Any over the counter vitamin D will help? Thanks!

Yes a Quick Look into brands because I’m on vacation right now and completely forgot the brand I have haha but vitamin d3 is best, d2 is still good but it’s plant based so you’ll get more benefits from d3 because it’s more animal based. But of course if you’re vegan or anything d2 is fine aswell. You can pick it up anywhere or order on amazon, again research the brands but I just got mine from target I think. Lmk if you have anymore questions!

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That has helped a lot!! Thanks bud!

Thanks a lot!! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2: