Using Sildenfil tablets

Hey all. Any recommendations on the best way to ease off of sildenafil tablets? I have been gaining a lot of confidence in the bedroom but I don’t want to get mentally hooked on using it. Any advice appreciated.

Can I ask what dosage you currently use?

Either 20 or 40 mg (one tablet is 20 mg). As of late I have been taking 20 mg about 45 minutes before sex and I’ve been managing.

I’m curious about this as well. I’ve just started using it at a 20mg dose and it didn’t do much for me. Though I’ve just used it the one time and I was still a little anxious about what side effects I would have (which I didn’t have any except feeling a tiny bit flushed). My urologist suggests that I can increase dosage each time I try to have sex, but like you I don’t want to become dependent.

I’ve used SSRIs in the past for a year. It worked for my premature ejaculation but once i stopped the problem came back but with ed also so no i ejaculate too soon and struggle to get it up. Not worth it at all.


I’ve used these before. I think of them as kind of like creatine or something- it can definitely help and if you are 90% there mentally its a good way to get the last 10%, but it won’t completely solve the problem.

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