Unsure what to do

I’ve never really had issues with mental health or anything sex related. Then a few times when ive been severely drunk ive failed to get it up which i understand is completely normal but now my brain is worried it will never happen again, even after i masturbate and breath and everything is fine my brain refuses to relax and its just really frustrating. Any advice?


Try not to mix alcohol with that level of intimacy. Shakespeare said it “provokes the desire but takes away the performance.”


It can be really common to begin to spectate your penis if you have had an experience of not getting hard. This can then effect future attempts as you go into your head, feel anxiety and if your body has levels of adrenaline in it (fight or flight) it is really very difficult to get hard - evolution! Mojo will really help you understand what is going on, you will learn to get out of your head and back into your body. Soon you will get the confidence that you can get hard as you will understand what you need to do. Good luck : )

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