The magic is in the moment

The key for me in “fixing” my performance issues is being present in my body and not “future tripping” about things that might happen, in my brain. Focusing on fun, pleasure, passion, intimacy, and connection in the present moment has been a game-changer. Focusing on my girlfriend’s sexy little body in the moment and how much I am attracted to her and love her gets things going - no problem - now. Sometimes my brain is just an asshole, and the key to shutting that down is being present. These last 7 days using the mojo app helped me remember that and level up my sex game again. #LFG


You’ve got this! That is one of the main aims to improve things and Mojo really helps with - staying in the moment, feeling your body, not going down the rabbit holes of negative thinking. Well done! Keep it going its all practice.